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Which are the major and important capitals of the world? This week, we bring to you a selection from all the continents. Together, these cities represent the best of the entire world.
One of the best cities in southeast Asia, Singapore is a market-based economy. It relies heavily on exports and business activities, and is also a very popular tourist destination.

One of the largest cities in the world, Moscow is the center of politics, economy, education, culture, and finance for the nation as well as the continent. The city alone produces 24% of Russia's GDP.

More than an impressive tourist destination, Cairo is among the largest cities in Africa. The city has developed incredibly rapidly in recent times, and has a major contribution to the nation's development.

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The most famous European city is also the most populated in the entire nation. Tourism, fashion, and cinema drive the economy, and it has a low unemployment rate of 6.5%.

The capital of United States is actually a separate district, and serves as the seat of power. No surprise, then, that 27% of the jobs are provided by the federal government only.

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