Newsletter April 01, 2011
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Latest Happenings in the World
A chain of dramatic events has kept the whole world's eyes glued on Libya. The coalition air strikes have helped push Gaddafi to retreat, but he refuses to give up. What's going to happen next?
Libya Location
libya Map
Libya Flag Location of Libya Libya Map
The latest in the ongoing protests in the Arab world is Syria. The government has resigned and is soon to be replaced. Find out what's the latest happening in this part of the world.
Syria Location Map
Syria Map
Syria Flag Location of Syria Syria Map
It's walking over hot coals for President Saleh. First the population, then al Qaeda, and now the tribes, everyone seems to agree that Saleh should quit now. But will he?
Yemen Location Map
Yemen Map
Yemen Flag Location of Yemen Yemen Map
Thanks to the military help from the Gulf Cooperation Council, the uprising in Bahrain seems to be summarily crushed and everyday life restored. Is this the end of it?
Bahrain Flag
Bahrain Location Map
Bahrain Map
Bahrain Flag Location of Bahrain Bahrain Map
Japan Flag Location Japan
As the level of radiation in Japan's quake hit Fukushima reactor skyrocketed, the nuclear plant's operator Tokyo Electric Power has decided to scrap the four reactors. It remains to be seen if radiation damages are out of control or things can still be contained.
8.9-Magnitude Earthquake in Japan 2011
Japan Map
History of Earthquake in Japan
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