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Egypt - An Oasis of Beauty
From Historic Grandeur to Urban
Egypt. The name conjures many beautiful and mysterious pictures – from the untold riches of the Pharaohs to the magical religious ceremonies and rites, from the golden desert sands to the fertile Nile valley, from Pyramids to tomb raiders, and from astonishing temples to inlaid palaces. Modern day Egypt carries this rich legacy beautifully. When you land in Cairo, though, you are likely to be met by swanky shopping arcades, entertainment centers, modern offices and the very best that urbanization can offer. Blending the best of both worlds, Egypt is a true delight for any avid traveler.
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Map of Egypt Egypt Cities Map Map of Suez Canal Map of Cairo
Most Visited Cities of Egypt
The mystique of Egypt and the rich cultural legacy of the cities draw millions of visitors each year. The inflow of tourists is now steady and the country has resumed tourist business.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the largest city of Africa, is the country's biggest tourist destination.


Alexandria is Egypt's largest seaport and important industrial center. It is the largest city lying on the Mediterranean coast.


Giza, located on the west bank of the Nile, about 12 miles from Cairo, is known for the great pyramids and the Great Sphinx.

Port Said

Port Said in north east Egypt is one of the most important ports along the Suez Canal. It is both a beautiful city and a commercial center.


Called the "world's greatest open air museum", Luxor contains the temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor including the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.


Home to the University of Asyut, one of the largest universities in Egypt, the city of Asyut is a bustling trade center of Egypt.

When To Visit Egypt
Best Time to Visit:
September to November, February to May
Best Weather:
September till mid November, March till May
Affordable Rates:
Mid September to Mid October
Avoid Visit:
June to August
Egypt Travel Tips
Remember to haggle when buying from local markets and street vendors.
Wear long, loose clothes. This shows respect and protects you from sunburn.
Adding a 10% tip to the taxi fare and restaurant bills is the norm in Egypt.
Do remember to carry a sun block. Get the highest SPF sun block you can find.
An Arabic dictionary could be of great help on your Egypt trip. Carry one.
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In 3200 BC, King Menes united the Upper and Lower Kingdoms & established the first royal dynasty of Egypt.
The first pyramid of Egypt was a step pyramid built by the renowned architect Imhotep for Pharaoh Djoser in 2600 BC.
Pharaoh Pepi II reigned the longest in the history of the world. He was king for 94 years (2252-2152 BC).
Ancient Egyptians worshipped a pantheon of over 1,000 gods and goddesses. Ra, the sun god, was universally revered.
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