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Maps of World CD
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MapXL Maps of World CD
Version 1.0

The CD is an Atlas of the world. Consisting of thematic maps, useful applications plus information on Olympics, Tsunami and events of importance, it makes a valuable edition in your library.

The content of the CD is categorized under following heads:

World Maps
Consisting of world maps on various themes like
outline, polity, time zones, world capitals, continents,
geography (vegetations, oceans, desert), earthquakes,
volcanoes, demography (population density, literacy),
economy (GDP GNI), travel, international groupings (EU,
NATO), and top ten countries, it is useful for all.

View location, outline and political maps and flags of all
the 43 Asian nations in this segment. Besides this, you can
also access the country profiles of most of the countries.

Bring 54 African nations on your desktop with this section. Each
country's location, outline and political maps are illustrated with
its respective flag icon.
Australia & Oceania
Featuring location maps and flags of the 14 countries from the region, it also throws light on the economic and cultural profiles of few of these countries.

Find out the location and flags of 47 European countries in this segment. You can also get information on the profiles of most of the countries here.

North America
Ascertain the location of 23 countries that constitute this continent. Also find out about their flags and profiles in this section.

South America
Locate the 14 countries of South America via maps and their respective flags. The profile of several of the countries can also be accessed.

Get complete information on USA, its states, counties, rivers, roads, tome zones, population, agriculture in this segment.

Sports World
View maps on cricket, football, and Olympics in this section.

Useful Information
Interesting information on Olympics, Tsunami, and events of international importance.
  • Olympic Timeline: Find out the history, motto, mascots, emblem and the participating nations of the grandest sports event of the world

  • Tsunami Thunder: Information on the origin, effect, and largest historical Tsunamis to lash the world has been compiled.

  • News that made history: Russian Besian School Siege, 2004 US Elections, Bombings in Iraq and much more
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(Shipment Included)
Utility Tools
Search: The inbuilt search enables you to locate the relevant map quickly. The search shows the best possible results based on the keywords.

Latitude & Longitude Distance Search: You can track the latitudinal and longitudinal location of more than 200 countries and the cities of the world with this tool.

ISD Codes: You can search the ISD codes of 4, 400 cities in 225 countries either by the name of the country, city or simply inserting the ISD Code.

Country Profile: This tool helps you in providing a quick overview on the polity, geography, and history of the countries of the world.

World Air Distances: Ascertain the air distances in kms between important world cities in this option.

World Time: The utility tool helps in obtaining the exact timings of a country in reference to any given country.

System Requirements
Pentium II and above; High color 16 bit resolution; 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 display settings; 64 MB RAM or above; CD Drive, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP