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MapXL Maps of World CD
Version 1.0

About Us

Location Locator Solutions
Maps are potent visual tools, which play a very important role in every aspect of business. Be it a project report or presentation, the maps complement the data making it relevant and user friendly.

We offer customized location locator solutions based on our maps. The Location Locator solution offers multi-location organizations a convenient way to provide information to their customers, about their locations across the country & globe. The addresses & other information are plotted on maps and the user can access this information by taking cursor to various points on maps. The solution is easily deployable on customer's website in a very short time span.

Benefits of Mapping Solutions

  • Value Addition : It is said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. The graphical representation of data via maps creates more impact in the mind than textual information. Both--- the organization's website and its users are enriched in the process. While the look and feel of the website is improved, the latter is able to get the complete information on organization's services.

  • Online Exposure : Our map portals like and receive large number of surfers. The links of the applications developed for our clients is placed on our popular sites to provide them a global reach.

  • One Stop Source of Information : The customized application can be converted into a complete know how tool for the officials, associates and clients of the organization.

  • Cost Effective Solutions : The mapping solutions offered by us are by far the most cost effective solutions for the organizations.
Only at US $ 50
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Map CDs
Our Map CD products –Maps of India (MOI) CD and Maps Of World (MOW) CD are inclusive resource on India centric and world maps respectively. The CDs consist of printable maps, which are helpful for referential, presentation and, project purposes.
  • Maps of India CD – MOI CD is an encyclopedia of India centric maps covering the country, its states, districts & cities in more than 4,500 map images. The CD launched in 2001 is updated every year. Over the years the CD has established itself as a default source for maps on India and has a user base of 15,000 satisfied customers across 50 countries, 700 cities and towns of India. The CD can be ordered through and is also available in all major bookstores of metro cities in India.

  • Maps of World CD – MOW CD is a very unique product and is one of its kinds. The CD offers over 1,000 maps of the world, its continents, countries and cities in an easy to use manner. The CD also provides useful features and databases like air distance finder, world time, world currencies, international dialing codes, country profiles etc.
Publishing Solutions
We offer maps for any usage in different sizes, formats and resolutions. The maps available in our database include maps of world, continents, countries & and maps of India upto the district level. We also offer customized maps and create new ones for specific requirements including plotting of points and locations, highlighting areas/countries/zones, coloring patterns, sizes, styles, legends, company logos etc. The maps can be used in different medias like advertisements, websites, intranet, software applications, project reports etc.

The maps images are available in different resolutions from 72 DPI to 600 DPI in different formats like JPG, GIF, TIFF or vector layered files like EPS or CDR.

Online Advertising
Our map portals enjoying a very large surfer base offers a platform to companies looking for online exposure and reach. Currently, our sites like and are running online advertisements for, travel companies and other portals.

Map Portals & E Commerce stores
The key services of MapXL can be summed up in its following entities:
  • : Launched in 1998, is the largest source for maps on India on the Internet. Consisting of over 5000 thematic maps of the country, states, districts, and cities, its easy to use has earned it the reputation of being the number 1 mapping site on India.

  • :, set up in 2003, offers detailed maps of the continents, countries, cities of the world and the latest events of international importance. The site is extensively referred by corporates, educational & research institutions, travel companies and individuals.

  • : Launched in 2003, it is an exclusive, online store of maps, globes, atlases, travel guides, and CD products from the leading publications. Updated regularly, the store takes care of the requests for specific maps and travel products and ensures that they are delivered till the doorstep of the client, in any part of the world. With over 7,000 satisfied customers, IndiaMapStore is by far the largest online source for map products in India.

  • : The store since 2004, is providing quality published maps and travel products across the globe. Updated regularly, the store takes care of the requests for specific products too. The best possible efforts are taken to stock the products to meet the demand of global customers. No wonder, a map of some remote town in China or an interactive CD covering the varied facets of life has a foremost place at our store.

  • : Initiated in 2005, It is a one stop, innovative and customized mapping solution service site offering map images of the continents, countries and cities of the world.

  • : Started in 2005, it is a comprehensive map portal on Delhi- the capital of India. The maps available here are very useful for the travelers and tourists who want to get acquainted with the city, its streets, roads, localities, banks, educational institutes, hotels, etc.

  • : The endeavor initiated in 2005 attempts to provide complete information on Maps of India CD product - the largest selling CD product from India.
Our clients
MapXL has developed a strong client base in different industry segments. Few of our noted projects have been for:
  • Citibank : The Citibank branches and its ATMs all over India are plotted on maps to provide locational information to their customers. The user-friendly application available on illustrates their geographical presence in the country as well as at the different locations in the cities.

  • Tata Motors : The workstations of Tata Motors spread in various parts of India are illustrated, complete with address details in roll over technology-enabled maps. These useful maps can be viewed at

  • HPCL : The HPCL network of petrol stations on the highways of India is a valuable source for the users. Available at it acquaints the travelers with the nearest petrol stations.

  • Maruti Udyog : The application showing the location of Maruti Authorized Service Stations, Dealer Workshops, outlets and Dealer Showrooms can be accessed at

  • 2006 Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee : We are providing the administrative maps of the 44 participating nations in 2006 Doha Asian Games.

  • India Today : Maps were provided for India Today's ‘Restaurant Guide' to help the customers locate the best restaurant options in and around Delhi.

  • Times of India : Times Group procured maps from for it's publications ‘Times Food' & ‘Times Night Life'.

  • Ericsson : The world's leading supplier in telecommunication received Digital Map of different states of India in 300 DPI resolution.

  • BBC Horizon : For the popular television program series ‘Horizon' on BBC the maps were sourced from MapXL.

  • ABN AMRO : The order request for the USA County Map in A0 size by the Netherlands branch of the bank was met successfully.

  • Readers Digest : The leading publication's order for India Political Map, Asia Map, and Europe Map was done suitably well.