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Nema City Map

  Facts about Nema  
Time Zone GMT(UTC+0)
Language Arabic, Hassaniya, Pulaar, Soninke, Imraguen language, Wolof, Serer and French
Major Religion Christian( Catholics) and Muslim (Sunnis)
StateHodh Ech Chargui
Founded 7 Centuary
Area182 km2
Lat Long Coordinates 16°37′0″N7°15′0″WCoordinates: 16°37′0″N7°15′0″W.
Point of interestOulata

Nema is one of the fascinating and impressive cities in Mauritania. Located in the far-south-eastern side of the country, Nema is the capital of the Hodh Ech Chargui region of Mauritania. The city shares extremely close borders with another African country called Mali. There are many interesting destinations in the city and tourists come to city to have a glimpse of the rich historical and traditional elements in the city. The only way to reach Nema is by crossing the arid and extremely hot Sahara Desert.

Nema is famous for its rich green vegetable gardens and for the several beautiful spots that lay scattered in the city. There are no special tourist attractions in the city, but the atmosphere and environment in the city is very calm and quiet. The tranquil ambience is perfect for relaxing and unwinding oneself in the city. There are many nomadic tribes and clans in the city, who have a typical culture of their own and are very attractive in their own way.

Accommodation facilities in the city are not very developed, but there are ample options of camping in Nema. There is a small market in the interiors of the city, a bank and a hospital. Plastic beads are available in plenty in this market and come at reasonable price. The other Mauritania cities in close proximity to Nema are Oualata and Ayunu-Atrus.