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Kaedi City Map

  Facts about Kaedi  
Time Zone GMT(UTC+0)
Language Arabic, Hassaniya, Pulaar, Soninke, Imraguen language, Wolof, Serer and French
Major Religion Christian( Catholics) and Muslim (Sunnis)
Area9.8 miles
Lat Long Coordinates 16°09′02″N13°30′20″W
Point of interestThe Grotto
 Managaha Island
 Obyan Beach

Kaedi is the largest administrative city in the Gorgol region in Mauritania. Kaedi is located at the southern frontiers of the country of Mauritania. More than sixty thousand people inhabit the city of Kaedi. Kaediis placed at a distance of 435 km from the capital city of Nouakchott. The city of Kaediin Mauritania is situated over the banks of the Senegal River at a place where the river joins the Gorgol River. The place where Kaedibases itself is popularly known as the "Chemama" Riverine zone.

Kaediregion comes under the very few settled agricultural regions of Mauritania. Kaediof Mauritania is also the most culturally diverse region of the country. The ethnic groups like the 'Black Moors', 'White Moors', Soninke as well as the community of Pulaar are all settled in Kaediat Mauritania. The place is also famous as a market town and a medical center apart from being a center for the farmers. The market is considered to be the most interesting one reflecting the sub Saharan culture of Senegal more than the Arabic or Moorish culture.

Most f the houses at Kaediare brown flat roofed ones indistinguishable if not for the enclosures made of Dutch brick. The KaediRegional Hospital however is distinctly different due to multiple beehive type domes which are worth seeing.