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Ayoun al Atrous City Map

  Facts about Ayoun al Atrous  
Time Zone GMT(UTC+0)
Language Arabic, Hassaniya, Pulaar, Soninke, Imraguen language, Wolof, Serer and French
Major Religion Christian( Catholics) and Muslim (Sunnis)
StateHodh El Gharbi
Founded 17 centuary
Area103 km2
Lat Long Coordinates 16°40′N9°37′W
Point of interestHotel Ayoun el Atroûs
 Aioun market and mosque
 antrée ayoune
 Ayoun Canyon
 le long de la route de l'espoir
 ânes redevenus sauvages
 au bord de la route entre Aioun el Atrouss et Nioro du Sahel

Ayoun al Atrous is located at a longitude measuring 9°37'W and a latitude measuring 16°40'N. The altitude over which Ayoun al Atrous is placed measures about seven hundred and eight feet which is approximately equal to two hundred and fifteen meters above the sea level. The population of the area measuring a radius of seven kilometers around Ayoun al Atrous is four hundred and fourteen.

Ayoun al Atrous is also known as Aioun el Atrouss and is a town located in the southern regions of Mauritania. Ayoun al Atrous is the capital of the region of Hodh El Gharbi. Ayoun al Atrous is placed at a distance of eight hundred kilometers from the capital city of Nouakchott. Ayoun al Atrous in Mauritania is placed in between the road connecting Mali to Nouakchott. The city of Ayoun al Atrous at Mauritania is mostly famous because of its plastic beads trade.

Ayoun al Atrous is easily accessible from the nearby cities of Serotandi, Tamchaket, Grair Enzai and Segui in the west; Touf, Blemhar, Timbedra and Tiourebougou in the East, El Magali, Aime Msira and Boutel Ahir in the south. The nearest airport to Ayoun al Atrous of Mauritania is that of the Aioun El Atrouss.