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Knights of Malta

Knights of Malta have a formative influence on the history of the place. Knights of Malta were the main rulers of the country. In 1530, Malta was handed over to the knights by Charles V of Hapsburg. The knights of Malta ruled the island for more than two hundred and sixty eight years. They translated the island into a strong power base which they called merely a rock of soft stone. The aristocratic families of France, Portugal, Spain and Italy mainly hold the position of knights.
Orders were created for the governance of the state, which were ultimately answerable to the Pope. The first minister titled as the “Order of hospital was Blessed Gerard. This was the first knighthood order of Malta. After the Order of Hospital, the other culminated orders were the “Order of Saint Lazarus, the Order of Temple and the Teutonic Order. All the members of these order belong to Europe. They must belong to the family nobles or sons of feudal lords or knights. Initially the knights are barred from serving in corporate sectors. They mainly controlled the armies of the sovereign rulers.

The island of Malta was given under the rule of the knights for a lease period. The knights were thrown out of the country of Rhodes by the Ottoman empire in the year 1522. In the year 1530 the Knights made their entry in Malta. In the year 1565, the knights in Malta received a great blow from the Ottoman Turks. After receiving such a blow the knights started increasing their base of power in the harbor area where the present city of Valletta stands. But in spite of increasing their power base the knights at Malta had to surrender the kingdom to Napoleon.

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