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Malawi Universities

The basic education system in Malawi is divided between three educational institutions. The last and perhaps most significant one of them are the Malawi Universities. The students are allowed to enter here after they complete their eight years in primary schools and four years in the secondary schools. According to the 8-4-4 education system in Malawi, the students have to spend four years in the Malawi Universities to complete their course. The courses provided by the universities here cost a little, especially if compared to the free primary education and the secondary education which also doesn't cost much. But the government is taking positive steps in order to promote education and course fees in the universities have been deducted as a part of that program. The increasing number of admission in universities prove that they plan worked. However, there are five universities in Malawi. They are:

  • University of Malawi
  • University of Livingstonia
  • Catholic University of Malawi
  • Mzuzu University

The University of Malawi was established in 1965. The university aims to spread the light of education and wisdom all over the country. It offers a variety of bachelor's degree and a few master's degree courses. It has five colleges that are governed by this university and these are spread in the central and southern regions of the country. The University of Livingstonia on the other hand was established in 2003 which offer degrees for primary and secondary school teacher education. This university is in the Rumphi district in Malawi and has five constituent colleges. These are College of Theology, College of Commerce, Ekwendeni Nursing School, Livingstonia Technical College and College of Education. The Catholic University of Malawi is in Chiradzulu District in Malawi and has five constituent colleges that offer courses on social science to special needs education. The Mzuzu University is situated in the northern region and plans to open education centers to the other parts of the country. Thus the universities in Malawi are spreading education all over the country and helping the government in their mission.

Primary education in Malawi is not mandatory, but the constitution necessitates that all people be allowed to get minimum five years of primary education.

Business & Economy

The economy of Malawi is agriculture-oriented, with approximately 85% of the population residing in countryside.