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Malawi Schools

The educational system in Malawi is generally categorized into three main divisions namely, Pre-schools, primary schools and the secondary Malawi schools. The Association of Pre-schools Playgroups or APPM is a charitable non-governmental establishment helping the poor children in getting proper education. The first Malawi Pre -school was found in the year1966 at the city Blantyre. This organization in Malawi mainly serves the children belonging to low income groups. APPM underscores on the emotional and social development of the child along with academic growth. At present, there are three hundred Malawi pre-schools under this organization providing basic education to more than 15,000 children in Malawi. The various early childhood development programs are conducted under the APPM organization and serves private as well as community owned kindergarten schools in Malawi.

The country has been divided into various education divisions to manage the large number of primary schools in Malawi. The Malawi ministry of Education has taken steps to streamline the education system in Malawi. The primary institutions in Malawi are divided into smaller groups and the concept of free primary education has gained immense popularity. Due to the introduction of this system there is a huge increase in the number of students going to these Malawi schools. In Malawi, the primary education starts at the age of six. The pupils get the primary school leaving certificate after passing out eighth standard. The names of important primary schools in Malawi are:
  • Mwaya Primary School
  • Blantyre Primary School
  • Matete primary School
  • Kamuzu Academy

There are a large number of Malawi secondary schools offering higher education to the students. Located at the Nkhata Bay, the Bandawe Secondary Malawi School is run by the government of Malawi. It is the one and only district government secondary school providing quality education to the students. Following are the few important secondary schools in Malawi:
  • Balaka Secondary School
  • Bandawe Secondary School
  • Bangula Secondary School
  • Bangwe youth center
  • Blantyre Secondary school
  • Bwaila Secondary School
  • Central High School
  • Chambe Secondary School
  • Chichiri Secondary School

Primary education in Malawi is not mandatory, but the constitution necessitates that all people be allowed to get minimum five years of primary education.

Business & Economy

The economy of Malawi is agriculture-oriented, with approximately 85% of the population residing in countryside.