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Malawi Radio

Radio is one of the main sources of information for the people in Malawi. MBC is the state owned national broadcaster in Malawi. Along with other important news programs the BBC World service is accessible on the FM station of Malawi radio. The people of the cities of Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe can avail the facility of listening to world news through the FM station. There are several Malawi radio stations namely:
  • Malawi Broadcasting Corporation - run by the state and operates Radio Two and Radio One
  • Capital Radio - non government radio station
  • MIJ FM - Located in the city Blantyre, this radio station is operated by the prestigious Malawi Institute of Journalism
  • Zodiac Broadcasting Station (ZBS) - it is a privately owned broadcasting network
  • FM 101 Power - privately-owned
  • Radio Maria - Catholic station
The Malawi radio and television are the two main sources of entertainment of the Malawians. The various recreational programs broadcasted on Malawi radios provide amusement to all Malawi people. Following is the list of Malawi radio stations according to different categories:

Public Broadcasters

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Chichiri, Blantyre

Non-government Radio Stations:

  • Capital Radio 102.5 FM, Chichiri, Blantyre
  • MIJ FM, Blantyre
  • Joy Radio 89.6 FM, Private Bag 17 Blantyre
  • FM 101 Power, Blantyre

  • Privately Owned Religious Malawi Radio Stations:

  • Calvary Family Radio, Blantyre
  • Radio Islam, Limbe
  • Radio Maria, Mangochi
  • Radio Alinafe, Lilongwe
  • Trans-world Radio Malawi, Lilongwe
  • Channel for All Nation, Lilongwe
  • African Bible College Radio, Lilongwe

  • A significant part of Malawi's culture is its traditional dances and music. Explore more in this section.

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