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Lesotho Attractions

Map of Attractions In Lesotho

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Lesotho is an African country situated in the southern part of the continent. The principal Lesotho attractions include natural wonders like Thaba Bosiu and Maletsunyane Falls. Man-made attractions like Katse Dam also forms a part of the tourist circuit. The list of Lesotho attractions is tailor made for the adventure traveler. Lesotho is one of the few countries in the world, where the total area of the nation is situated 1000 meters above sea-level. This makes the country one of the cooler places in Africa. The pleasant weather is complemented by the superb natural scenery that characterizes the attractions in Lesotho. The list of attractions in Lesotho includes the following:
  • Butha-Buthe :  this small town is known for market and other shopping area.

  • Leribe or Hlotse :  this place is known as a crafts center.

  • Maletsunyane Falls :  this waterfall is visited by many people throughout the year.

  • Mapeshoane :  this town is reckoned for its archeological significance. There is also a cave and a museum in this place.

  • Maseru :  the capital city of the country, Maseru attracts many tourists

  • Mokhotlong :  people can indulge in various activities like hiking and horseback riding in this small town of Lesotho.

  • Morija :  this town is known for the historical museum situated here. Tourists can also get a glimpse of ethnic peoples and folk customs in this place.

  • Road to Oxbow :  this is one of the scenic sites, which can be visited during one's stay in Lesotho. Various outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, skiing and horseback riding can be enjoyed here.

Attractions In Lesotho

There are also some other small towns and villages in Lesotho, which are visited by tourists going to the country. Some of these towns are:
  • Matsieng
  • Mohale's Hoek
  • Qacha's Nek
  • Roma
  • Teyateyaneng
  • Thaba Bosiu
  • Mafeteng
The Maletsunyane Falls is known as the steepest single strand waterfall in the southern African region. The waterfall is known for the scenic beauty and the spray at the bottom of the waterfall makes an attraction in itself. The Thaba Bosiu has achieved its well deserved fame by virtue of being the mountain stronghold of King Moeshoeshoe in the 19th century.
The attractions of Lesotho are not limited to its natural wonders. The man-made Katse Dam also forms a major Lesotho attraction in the tourist trail of the African country. The dam is part of a massive hydro-electric power generation project. Electricity is generated by using the aquatic resource. The Katse Dam is a vast reservoir of water that is supplied at predetermined intervals to Guateng Province in South Africa. The water helps to meets the neighboring country's essential water requirements.

Qacha's Nek

Qacha's Nek is a quaint little town in Lesotho. The town was first established in 1888. The geographical location of Qacha's Nek is 30°07' South latitude and 28°41' East longitude. The town is located at an altitude of 2027 meters above sea level. Due to this high altitude, temperate climatic condition can be observed in Qacha's Nek.

The picturesque town of Qacha's Nek is one of the popular tourist destinations of Lesotho. Impressive churches and buildings with colonial architecture enhance the beauty of this pleasant town. The tranquil and serene surrounding of Qacha's Nek makes for an ideal getaway. The principal tourist attractions in the town include the St Joseph's Church perched on the eastern end in Qacha's Nek. The surrounding hilly terrain is perfect place for hiking. The Sehlabathebe National Park is just 105 kilometers northeast of the town. Travelers may visit this famous National Park by road. The road journey is a thrilling experience as it passes through some of the best Lesotho locales.

Qacha's Nek in Lesotho is an easily accessible tourist destination. The airstrip in this small town receives several charter flights. Domestic flights from the Lesotho capital Maseru transport visitors to this town. Qacha's Nek of Lesotho is a significant border town and is a point of entry into Lesotho. Public transport is widely available. International bus services exist between Qacha's Nek and South African cities like Matatiele, Makomereng, Mpite, Koksted, Belfort, Tsoelike and Mapfontein.

Accommodation in Qacha's Nek is available in various hotels, apartments, cottages and guest houses located in the area. The Nthatuoa Hotel is one of the best hotels in the town. The hotel possess decent double rooms as well as luxurious suites. Breakfast is complimentary. The restaurant situated inside the hotel premises serve a variety of non vegetarian dishes. Narna's Guesthouse and Central Hotel are other popular hotels. Budget restaurants are also situated in Qacha's Nek.

Katse Dam

The Katse Dam is situated over the Malibamat'so River in Lesotho. This dam is one of the man made attractions of the country, which are visited by many tourists every year. The dam is constructed of concrete and is capable of storing more than 2 million kiloliters of water. The height of the Katse Dam is 185 meters from the base, while the crest length of the dam is 710 meters.

The Katse Dam is a unit of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. It is one of the 5 dams that would dot the African landscape in the near future. The dam was conceived by Ninham Shand. Shand designed the dam to augment South Africa's water supply. The project was started and completed during the apartheid era in South Africa.
Ninham Shand made Katse Dam a concrete arch structure. The dam is connected to a hydro-electric power station 45 kilometers away. Water flows from the dam to the hydro-electric generating facility by a sequential network of pipes of 4 meter diameter. The Katse Dam is situated at a greater altitude compared to the electric generating facility. The water moves due to the gravity force acting on the fluid.

The supply of water from Lesotho to South Africa takes place through a monetary transaction, where the South African government pays Lesotho a fixed sum every year. Some value addition percentages are also calculated according to the usage of water.

Butha Buthe

Butha-Buthe is a Lesotho city located close to the South African border. The urban settlement is an important trading post in the immediate Lesotho region. Butha-Buthe in Lesotho was founded in the early part of the 19th century by the then local administrative ruler King Moshoeshoe I. The King established the city to facilitate the payment of taxes.

Butha-Buthe is named after the Butha-Buthe Mountain located in the nearby region. Butha-Buthe is translated from the Sesotho language to English as "lie down". The city is small and has less than 15,000 permanent residents. Butha-Buthe is a typical border settlement. The place is visited by many traders who take advantage of the cross-border business transactions of the landlocked country with South Africa. The principal road of Butha-Buthe is lined with convenience stores and takeaway restaurants. There are regular bus services from the South African cities of Johannesburg and Bloemfontein to Butha-Buthe.

Sehlabathebe National Park

Sehlabathebe National Park is the only national Park in the country of Lesotho. The major attraction of the Sehlabathebe National Park at Lesotho is the exceeding tranquility and solitude. The geography of the national park at Lesotho is craggy and isolated. The elevation of the Sehlabathebe National Park in Lesotho is 2400 meters. The tourists to Lesotho National park can witness some of the rarest species of birds and antelopes.

The Sehlabathebe National Park was established in the year 1970. There are many historic tales about the naming of this park of Lesotho. Bryophyte habitats are found in abundance in the sandstone formations that are seen in the Sehlabathebe National Park. The minimum temperature of the park usually drops down to 9° C and the maximum temperature rises up to 16° C.

The Sehlabathebe National Park is located at the south eastern part of Lesotho. The total area covered by the park is around 6500 hectares. The Sehlabathebe National Park is under the auspices of the National Park Section of the Department of Conservation and Forestry of Lesotho. Some of the animals, which can be found in the park, are:
  • Wild Cat
  • Black-backed Jackal
  • Oribi
  • Eland
  • Otter
The Sehlabathebe National Park also homes large numbers of birds. Some of these are:
  • Cape Vulture
  • Southern Bald Ibis
  • Yellow-breasted Pipit
  • Ground Woodpecker
  • Drakensberg Siskin
  • Mountain Pipit
  • Drakensberg Rockjumper


Malealea is one of the most popular tourist places in the African kingdom of Lesotho. It is a mountainous village situated in the western corner of the country. The place forms one of the most well known pony-trekking destinations in Lesotho.

While in Malealea, tourists can enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature prevailing in the region. The Malealea Lodge offers luxurious accommodation. There is also opportunity of camping in the villages. Accommodation is available at the village huts at a reasonable rate. Tours to different tourist attractions in and around the village of Malealea are also organized by the lodges. Some of the places and programs, which can be visited during tour of Malealea, are:
  • Choir and band formed by the local children
  • Village Walks and Garden Project
  • Local school
  • Sangoma-Traditional Healer appointment
People can also go for trekking tours, which can be organized from Malealea. Different destinations and routes are explored during the tours organized from this village. Some of the treks programs, which can be organized, are:
  • The Ribaneng & Mountain Pass Trek
  • Ribaneng, Ketane & Maletsunyane Trek
  • The Ribaneng Waterfall Trek
  • The Ribaneng, Ketane & Maletsunyane Trek
  • The Ribaneng & Ketane Waterfall Trek

There are also daytime tours, which are organized in Malealea, some of which are:
  • Pitseng Canyon and Rockpool hike
  • A scenic drive, hike or trek into the Botsoela Waterfall
  • Pony trek or hiking into the Bushman Paintings and Echo Cave
  • Gates of Paradise Pass hike through the Matelile Ridge

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