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By the 14th century Malindi was a Swahili settlement. The Portuguese sailors were welcome by the local people. Vasco da Gama received a warm welcome from the Malindi king hen he reached there.

It was the center of operations for the Portuguese on the East African coast. It is a major tourist spot.

After the Jesus Fort was made, the ruling family of Malindi was invited to Mombasa. Malindi remained almost a ghost land for a long time. It is now a steadily growing development area.

However Malindi is undergoing some problem recently. The great hospitality of the local people (Malindi was known foe this) is stuck. The town is moving towards cultural anonymity. They can not make up their mind if they want to be Mombasa or Lamu though the town retains the Swahili atmosphere.

Malindi is mainly dependent on tourism, especially beach-tourism. But due to some inconvenience the tourists have chosen some other spots. So Malindi is economically declining and trying to get back its older position.

Malindi is a place with busy market, shops, and tourist boutiques. It is the place where you can get the best pizza, pasta and ice-cream of Africa. Cotton, sisal and fishing is the main source of economy.

The best way to get around Malindi is by bicycle. You can be mesmerized to see the charm of the following places and can also enjoy taking part in certain events. Some of the popular sights seeing spots in Malindi are as follows:

  • Gedi Ruins
  • Arabuko-Sokoke Forest
  • Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve
  • Diani Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Gazi
  • Kilifi
  • Kisite National Marine Park
  • Shimba Hills National Reserve
  • Tiwi Beach
  • Wasini Island

  • Some of the best hotels at Malindi that provides you all facilities are as follows:

  • Turtle Bay Beach Club
  • Hemingways Resort
  • Domina Palm Tree Club
  • Eden Roc Hotel
  • Dream of Africa