Tokushima Map

Tokushima is one of the forty seven prefectures that Japan is divided into. Tokushima prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku. The region in which this prefecture is situated is also known as the Shikoku region.
The Tokushima administrative system and rule is headed by Governor Kamon Lizumi. In this Tokushima prefecture there are eight districts and twenty four municipality areas. Tokushima has a population that ranks thirty sixth in the whole of Japan and population density here is 199 persons for every square kilometer. Tokushima's official prefecture flower, tree and bird symbols are, the Sudachi, Yamamomo and White Heron respectively.

Tokushima has eight districts and many towns and villages in each one of these disticts. The eight districts and their towns in Tokushima are:

  • Itano District : Some of the towns and villages here are, Itano, Aizumi, Kamiita and some others.
  • Kaifu District : Towns and villages here are, Kaiyo, Minami and Mugi.
  • Myodo District : it has only one town named Sanagochi.
  • Miyoshi District : Higashimiyoshi is the only town here.
  • Mima District : Mima has Tsurugi as its only town / village.
  • Naka District: Naka is this district's only town.
  • Katsuura District : The two towns of this district are, Katsuura and Kamikatsu.
  • Miyozai District : The two towns here are, Ishii and Kamiyama.

Apart from these towns and villages, Tokushima has eight major cities. These are, Tokushima, Komatsushima, Anan, Awa, Mima, Miyoshi, Naruto and Yoshinogawa. Tokushima city is the capital of Tokushima prefecture. This city is located in the north east part of th prefecture. Tokushima city is specially famous for a traditional dance festival known as the Awa Odori which is part of the main Obon festival. All these have given Tokushima prefecture a distinction in Japan.

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