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Shizuoka Map

Shizuoka is a picturesque city encompassed by azure mountains and adorned by the crystal clear rivers within the city. The city of Shizuoka is also a major city within the Shizuoka prefecture.
In 2003 and 2006 the two small towns called Shimizu and Kanbara was incorporated within the Shizuoka . This Japanese city is one of the biggest suppliers of tuna fish all around Japan. Soccer is so much popular in Shizuok a that considerable number of Brazilians having a soccer background had made this city their home. The city of Shizuoka is a city with all modern amenities of a big city yet having the calmness and tranquility of small town.

The three 'ku's of the city of Shizuoka are Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku and Shimizu-ku. The Tokaido Main Line is an easy way to access the city as the city does not yet have its own airport. Citrus fruits and strawberries are found in abundant here and much local toothsome fares are made out of these local yields. Many students settle in this city as universities like Tokai and Shizuoka are located here. The close proximity to the mountains has made city of Shizuoka famous for its tea. The two most renowned motorbike companies Suzuki and Yamaha do most of their business from this city.

For the tourists the ideal time to plan a visit in Shizuoka is during the main festivals called Shizuoka Matsuri and Abekawa Hanabi. Shizuoka Matsuri is a festival which is held every April in honor of the cherry blossoms which embellish the city beautifully during this time. During the festival of Abekawa Hanabi the firmament of Shizuoka lights up with brilliant and colossal fireworks which is a delightful sight to watch.

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