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Sapporo Map

Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido and is also the fifth largest city of Japan. Previously, Sapporo was the secretarial centre of the island and was built on a North American technique of rectangular road system.
It is the main center of political affairs, business and development for the northern island of Hokkaido. The city is said to obtain its name from Ainu language "Sari-Poro-Pet" or "Sat-Poro-Pet". The construction of towns started in the year 1869. Sapporo is situated in the south-western side of the Hokkaido's Ishikari Plain. It covers an area of about 1,121.12 sq.km. The distance from north to south is 45.40km and from east to west is 42.30km.

The climate of Sapporo consists of four seasons ranging from a cool summer to chill winter. The standard temperature of Sapporo is approximately 8.5 degrees and the annual rainfall is 1,100mm.The people of the city experience a pleasant weather from April which continues up to June.

The summer season starts from July and ends in August. The present population of the city is around 1,890,000, which is near about one-third of that of Hokkaido.

The Old Hokkaido Government Building, Mt Moiwa-yama, Ishiyama Greenbelt, The Clock Tower, Chizaki Rose Garden, Hitsuji-ga-oka Observatory, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo Art Park, Odori park are the hottest tourist attractions in Sapporo . While in the city one should make sure to visit these places.

Sapporo is the fifth largest city of Japan which is also the capital city of Hokkaido. The main tourist attractions in Sapporo are as follows.

Sapporo Beer Museum: The Sapporo Beer is famous throughout the world. While in Sapporo, one should always make sure to pay a visit in the Sapporo Brewery Building. It is the third largest producer of beer in Japan. The whole process of beer production is done here which serves as a home to the world-famous Sapporo Beer Company.

The Historical Village in Sapporo: In the Hokkaido Nopporo Forest Park, at Atsubetsu is located the most impressive museum village of Sapporo. It consists of structures like the old railway station of Sapporo, newspaper buildings of Otaru and also the restored constructions of Meiji and Taisho ages.

Clock Tower : Clock Tower is the main symbol of Sapporo. In 1878, the building of Clock Tower was constructed which was used by the Sapporo Agricultural College as their drill hall. The grand clock in the tower was made by US people and was placed in 1881.

Odori Public Park : It is one of the major tourist attractions in Sapporo. The Odori Park is a long street which segregates the city into north and south division. The TV Tower which is located in the eastern side of the park provides a nice view of the beautiful Odori. The famous Snow Festival of Sapporo which occurs in the month of February takes place in this park.

Mount Moiwa: It is one of the most important travel destinations in Sapporo . The Mount Moiwa offers great views of the Sapporo city. It is a forest mountain that encircles the whole city. And to top it off, the eatery on the summit provides a fantastic day and night time views of Sapporo.

Shiroi Koibito Park: Among the most popular tourist attractions in Sapporo , Shiroi Koibito Park is famous for its Disneyland style constructions. The big buildings in the park houses different kinds of shops, café and most surprisingly, a chocolate factory owned by Ishiya Company. The visitors can also watch the whole processing of the cookies from outside.

Botanic Garden Park, Susukino district, Okurayama Observatory are the other destinations of tourist attraction in Sapporo.

Renting a car will be advisable for a tourist sight-seeing in Sapporo.It will be very convenient for a visitor to hire a car for transportation otherwise he might face problems while traveling to various places in Sapporo. While hiring a car in Sapporo a tourist must be aware of certain things:
  • Checking the condition of the rental car is of utmost importance. It is the first thing that a tourist should check.

  • Another most important point to be considered is the fee structure and the service offered by the car rental company. One should always check that whether the car agency would charge more if the car is dropped at different locations.

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Some of the major car rental companies in Sapporo, Japan function all over the city. They have hundreds of outlets in Japan and provide better facilities to the tourists. The rates of the cars are generally high during the peak seasons. Their charges are inclusive of taxes, insurances, and airport fees. Hiring a car from inside the airport of Sapporo would cost much, so it is better to get it from outside. Different types of cars like Compact car, Luxury cars, Minivans, Big vans Sports cars, Convertibles are available. The rates of these cars are as follows:
  • The rates for Compact car - 4,000 Yen per day.
  • The rates for A class car- 6,000 Yen per day.
  • The rates for Van car- 10,000 Yen per day.
  • The rates for Sport car- 9,500 Yen per day.
  • The rates for Primera car- 15,000 Yen per day.

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