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Saitama Map

Saitama is the capital city of one of the prominent prefectures of Japan named, Saitama . This city is the most populous city of Saitama prefecture.
Created very recently, in the year of 2001, Saitama city has already gained its own distinctions as a capital city. Since the creation of Saitama city it has been merged with several other cities and has expanded its area to accommodate its growing population.

Saitama city, as the capital city of Saitama prefectuire , retains some of its qualities. Therefore, to know Saitama city, it is better to know something about the prefecture to which it belongs. Saitama was originally a part of the Musashi province. After the second World War when Tokyo was expanding its border to accommodate the large number of people thronging in the city, Saitama prefecture rapidly gained importance and became a part of the greater Tokyo . This prefecture has grown to be a major residential location and also a center of many commercial activities.

Saitama prefecture is surrounded by seven other prefectures , namely, Tokyo, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Nagano and Yamanashi. In this prefecture there are nine districts with lots of towns and villages within them. These nine districts are,
  • Chichibu
  • Hiki
  • Iruma
  • Kodama
  • Kitaadachi
  • Kitakatsushika
  • Kitasaitama
  • Minamisaitama and
  • Osato.
Saitama prefecture has forty cities including the capital city Saitama . Saitama city is again divided into ten wards for better administration services. As it serves as a major residential area near Tokyo, transportation system is very developed here. For both passengers and cargoes, Saitama provides reliable rail and transportation services.

Saitama has several t ravel destinations and tourist attractions also. Some of these are, Hikawa Jinja, Saitama Stadium, Saitama Super Arena, John Lenon Museum and so on. As a matter of fact, John Lenon's wife Yoko Ono belonged to this Saitama city.

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