Komatsu Map

The city of Komatsu is situated very close to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. It lies in the Ishikawa prefecture on its southwestern side in the center of the Kaga plain. Komatsu is only second in area in the Ishikawa prefecture.
Komatsu lies in a coastal area. It also has mountains as Komatsu lies very close to Mount Hakusan. The Kakehashi River also flows through Komatsu and ends in the coastal area of Komatsu.

Komatsu's official symbol is a little pine tree that indicates peace, harmony and endless development. In reality too the city is progressing very fast and the development in its economy has never been stopped ever since its inception. In fact, the economy in Ishikawa prefecture is centered on the hi-technology industries of Komatsu. The Komatsu Company in the city provides the largest number of employment to residents in the city of Komatsu.

Today a number of other companies are also sharing the responsibility of economic progression in the city. Due to the business Komatsu stands out among other cities in Japan because of the rich Japanese culture that the city flaunts. As an outcome of such a rich culture, the city celebrates such festivals which have been a part of Japanese celebrations for over 230 years. Some such festivals are Don Don. Besides this festival the area is also famous as the place where Kutani pottery and craft products originated. The latest census has shown that the population of Komatsu is at 107,000.

Komatsu finds a mention in history for the first time during the Jomon period and by then it was already established as a productive site for farming activities but the place found establishment only during the Yayoi period. The city of Komatsu had developed as an urban center only after the construction of the Komatsu castle which began during the years of the religious revolt. It was not until 1889 that Komatsu was given a democratic status in the Japanese administration.

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Last Updated on: December 12th, 2017