Kasugai Map

Kasugai City is located in the Aichi Ken on the island of Honshu in Japan. Founded in 1943, the city developed rapidly to have a population of 300320 and a high population density of 3165.92 persons every sq km. The Kasugai city has a total area of 92.71 sq km. Kasugai is reputed as the Town of Calligraphy.
The city is also said to be the birthplace of a great calligrapher called Tofu Ono, for as the people fondly call him, Tofu-san.

Some of the interesting Festivals in Kasugai :-
  • The Annual Koen Matsuri Festival at the Ochiai Park every November when families celebrate by hosting tea parties and having concerts in the Park.

  • The Ogita Bo No Te Festival at the Ogita Shrine, held in October, has Genji Tenryu School swordsmen demonstrating traditional Kenjutsu style fighting. in Samurai style.

  • The Kasugai Matsuri is kicked off with a parade and has an exhibition of local performing arts.

  • The Shokubutu-en Matsuri is an interesting flower and plant exhibition at the Botanical Garden. There is also a nature photography exhibition at the same time.

  • The Akiba Shrine Fire Walking Ceremony in December is an important religious event attended by many.

  • The Noryo Matsuri is an annual Summer Festival celebrated with fireworks and Bon Dancing.

  • The Haniwa Matsuri in early November is celebrated by burning traditional Haniwa images at the Mitsumata Fureai Park

  • A popular annual event is the Yagai Daikigo Taikai or Calligraphy festival held every November, when people gather to compete in writing elaborate calligraphic characters on a 100 meter long sheet of paper by the side of the Shonai River.

Some of the Local Attractions in Kasugai :-
  • The Utsutsu Shrine
  • The Haniwa Michi Alley
  • The Fureai Ryokudo Hiking and Biking Trail
  • The Tofu Memorial Hall
  • The Botanical Gardens called Greenpia Kasugai.
  • The Futagoyama Kofun Burial Ground
  • The beautiful Ochiai Park
  • The Tahoto Pagoda of the Mitsuzoin Temple

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