Kanazawa Map

The city of Kanazawa, the capitol of Ishikawa Prefecture, is one of Japan's most eminent Castle cities. The history of Kanazawa can be traced back to the mid of sixteenth century. Other than the Ikko sect, Edo and Kyoto bestowed the city with several unique historical and cultural relics.
Thus every facet of the city of Kanazawa has profound historical significance. Kanazawa occupies an area of 466 square kilometers and has a population of 455,500 people. The weather conditions of Kanazawa are influenced by temperate climate. The average temperature in Kanazawa is slightly cold through out the year. Kanazawa experiences the highest rainfall in the season of autumn and winter. In this city not only is nature graced with changing colors to show its alteration, but the people of Kanazawa also celebrate seasonal festivals with specific cuisines.

The favored geographical position of Kanazawa along the coast of the Sea of Japan has contributed in a big way in making Kanazawa a popular tourist hub. The itineraries like Kaga region, Noto Peninsula, places like Fukui, Toyama and the entire region of Hokuriku attract many tourists each year to Kanazawa.

A number of splendid and captivating sights are here in Kanazawa to explore. For instance, the marvelous Kenrokuen is widely admired as one of the three most spectacular gardens in the country of Japan. Other than this the tourists would be fascinated by the following major attractions of Kanazawa:
  • Seisonkaku Villa,
  • Oyama Shrine
  • Geisha Districts
  • Teramachi District
  • Kanazawa Castle
  • Omicho Market

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Last Updated on: December 12th, 2017