Kamakura Map

The coastal town of Kamakura is located in the Kanagawa prefecture, less than an hour away from Tokyo. Kamakura rose to prominence when it was selected as the capital and center of power by the military governor Minamoto Yoritomo in 1192.
The Minamoto shogun and the following Hojo Kings ruled Japan from Kamakura for over a century.

Though its importance as a political hot seat gradually declined, Kamakura is still a popular travel destination for domestic and international tourists. Popular tourist attractions include the beautiful beaches, scenic hiking trails, temples and shrines and historical sites.

Some of the interesting tourist attractions in Kamakura :-
  • Giant Buddha statue of Kamakura .

  • The Hachimangu Shrine is one of the most important shrines in all of Japan. Hachiman is the patron god of the Samurais.

  • The Hase Temple with its famous statue of Kannon with her eleven heads is an important shrine of the Jodo Sect. The gilded wooden statue is regarded as the largest wooden sculpture in Japan.

  • The Zen Temples at Kenchoji, Engakuji, Jufukuji, Jochiji and Zuisenji are graceful structures attracting devotees from all over the earth.

  • The Ankokuronji and Myohonji Temples established by the Nichiren sect

  • Scenic Kamakura Beaches like the Yuigahama, Inamuragasaki and Shichirigahama are popular among not just the locals but also the numerous tourists who throng the region during summer.

  • Kamakura is famous for its Hatosabure , a pigeon shaped biscuit; Purple Potato softee ice cream known as the Murasaki-imo Sofuto and rice crackers called o-senbei.

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