Gifu Map

Gifu is the capital city of one of the most prominent prefectures of Japan named Gifu . This city has its own distinctive point and aspects. As a capital city Gifu has its own importance.
It is a major residential city for the Japanese people and lots of industrial hubs have also developed here. But as a part of the prefecture,it retains some of the same qualities as the Gifu prefecture.

Gifu prefecture was known for a long time as a sword making center of Japan and swords from this place used to be sold all round the country of Japan. At present time Gifu has made its name familiar to the people of Japan as a popular center of modern day fashion and progress in aerospace engineering. Apart from this it is an important place regarding its traditional industries like the agriculture and wood industries along with aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries . There are some small industries like die and mold making and plastic making also which have considerable influence on Gifu economy.

Gifu prefecture is comprised of nine districts and a number of towns and villages under these districts. These districts are, Anpachi, Ibi, Kani, Fuwa, Kamo, Motosu, Hashima, Ono and Yaro. The capital city of Gifu is known for its manufacturing, textile and traditional goods industries. It is also a bedroom city t o the neighboring Nagoya city.

Gifu city was one of the major targets of bombing during the Second World War It suffered from innumerable losses because of this war. But Gifu has recovered greatly and is apt to claim the title of a capital city.

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Last Updated on: December 11th, 2017