Map of Prato City, Italy

Prato is one of the ancient cities of Roman Empire. The archeological findings have proven it to be a city of Paleolithic times. Prato is home to many museums and other cultural monuments. One of the oldest buildings of the city is Palazzo Pretorio.

Prato in Italy is the second largest city in Tuscany and is rated third in Central Italy. Prato is a province with seven municipalities under it. In early days Prato gained recognition for its Textile Industry.
The Textile Museum in Prato, Italy stands as a proof to its glorious history. Prato has also been the center of slow food movement.

Specialities of Prato's slow food movement include Cantucci, a famous biscotti, which is a production of the local bakery of Prato, Italy.

During the 1950s, many people immigrated to Prato, Italy from southern Italy. A large community is found in Prato, who has settled there since 1980. Today Prato, Italy has more than 180,000 inhabitants.

There are many places of interests in Prato, Italy. The museums and cultural monuments reflect Prato's cultural history. Historical and cultural buildings like Cathedral of Santo Stefano. Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo Datini, Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci. The churches worth visiting here in Prato, Italy are Santa Maria delle Carceri, San Francesco, Sant'Agostino, San Fabiano.

Prato is also noted for its famous Monash University. This University has acted as a bridge to the Italian and Australian Culture. Monash University is the largest center in Europe for Australian academic studies.

rato, Italy has a good network of roads, rails and airports. The good conveyance system makes moving around in Prato easier and comfortable.

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