Map of Padua City, Italy

Padua is picturesque city of Italy, with a dense network of arcaded streets. Amongst other things, the city is famous for having had Galileo Galilei, a famous lecturer.

The pilgrimage city of Padua Italy treasures the famous "Basilica di Sant'Antonio", the grave of Saint Antonia and the best artistic creations by Giotto. Padua in the north-east of Italy is one of the capitals of economy and culture.

In Basilica di Sant'Antonio you can find the ancient works in basilica - "the Passion" and "life of Saint James" - creations of Altichiero and Avanzo. It has excellent and antique frescoes that are the major attractions to the tourists. In Padua one can find a rich treasure of classical paintings and sculptors. 'Capella degli Scrovegni' houses the complete cycle of Giotto's frescoes covering the churches walls from floor to the ceiling. The 'Prato della Valle' is a huge oval surrounded by the channels with exquisite sculptors symbolizing the art and culture of Padua. The Botanical gardens in Padua, the "Orto Botanico", is filled with exotic flowers and plants. The garden is situated in between 'Prato della Valle' and the Basilica. 'Palazzo della Ragione' or The Region's Palace is the symbol of the city. Visitors are usually recommended to buy a ticket "Biglietto Unico" available in most museums of Padua and they are valid for 1 year.

Padua Italy is a sophisticated, clean, fashionable and comparably expensive city in Italy. Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its distinguished pasta and pizza delicacies. Padua is famous for its lip smacking 'Spaghetti con bacalà', 'Zuppa di porri e patate', 'scampi', 'polenta e baccalà' and 'Tiramisu' (desert). The artistic refinements of Padua are evident in some of the beautiful villas beautified by interesting frescoes and exquisite garden design. Padua Italy has some great restaurants and cafeteria among which Café Pedrocchi is one of the most famed in all over Italy. Created in 1831 it was the meeting place of famous artists, students and intellectuals.

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