Map of Novara City, Italy

Novara in Italy is an ancient city originated by Romans. Even today roman walls can be seen in this capial city. The sights are divided into two clusters, one lie within the historic centre and the modern sights lie outside the boundary of city walls.

Novara or Comune di Novara is the capital city of Novara province of Piedmont region in Italy. A city with 102,846 inhabitants is located in the western side of the fashion capital of Milan. It is the second most populous area of Piedmont district after Turin. It draws much of the commercial traffics from the surrounding cities and regions like Milan to Turin and Genoa to Switzerland.

Stretching 38 km from Milan and 95 km from Turin, Novara is situated in them middle of rivers Agogna and Terdoppio of the north east. Situated at an altitude of 162 meters from the sea level, Novara spreads 103 square km. Technically, Novara is on the 45°27'N and 08°37'E on the world map. Other remaining important facts of Novara are:
  • Novara follows: Central European Time zone.
  • Postal Code: 28100
  • The telephone code: 0321
  • Staple Economic Agriculture (rice and maize), metallurgical production,
Products: Chemicals and petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, food Products, intermodal commerce and logistics, Banking Services rice products exchange. Besides being well known historical spot, Novara is also an important economic and commercial centre of the Padan plain and is the home of the Centro Intermodale Merci. The city is a member of the Torino-Piemonte Exchange Point, an internet exchange consortium of northwestern Italy. The place of Novara was founded in Romans period with the name derived from Nov or the corresponding English word of "new".

Some of the important sightseeing spots of Novara :
  • Historic Centre of Novara, enclosed by the great ornate wall
  • Barriera Albertina, a complex of two neo-classical buildings
  • The cupola of the Basilica of San Gaudenzio, symbol of Novara,
  • The bell tower designed by Benedetto Alfieri
  • The religious neo-classical styled centre of the Duomo
  • The courtyard of the Broletto
  • Palazzo del Podestà or the Palace of the Podestà
  • The little Palace of the Paratici Family, site of the Civic Museum and of the Gallery of Modern Art
  • Piazza della Republica
  • Piazza Giacomo Matteoti
  • Fratelli Rosselli
  • "Angolo delle Ore" or the Corner of the Hours
  • The largest square of Piazza Martiri della Libertà
  • Castello Visconteo-Sforzesco,
  • Teatro Coccia.
  • Largo Cavour,
  • Piazza Gramsci, formerly Piazza del Rosario
  • The landmark statue of Icarus.
  • Baluardi
There city holds many elegant and dazzling Festivals and Events round the year namely, Negramaro, Vallanzaska, Caparezza, Finley, Extrema, and Blaze Bailey.

A well interconnected region of Italy, Novara owns the local public transportation agency called the SUN. There are also two principal railway stations of Ferrovie dello Stato, Novara Nord. Novara can also be reached through S11 trunk road and many other motorways and main roads.

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