Map of Bellagio City, Italy

Pescara, the Italian city is a historic center, built within the Spanish walls. The main sights are: Cathedral of San Cetteo, Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo, The native home of Gabriele D'Annunzio, Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo etc.
Traveling to Bellagio Italy is indeed adventurous; it is an experience in itself traveling to this place from any corner of the world. The railway network which is the most efficient means of transport in this region
takes travelers from the main urban area to some exciting and interesting destinations located in the outskirts of the city.

Bellagio has a typical peninsular location, situated at the tip of Italy which splits itself into the two arms of Como Lake. This lake region offers excellent waterway transport facilities to the foreign tourists through ferry boats that operate in frequent intervals, carrying numerous passengers across to the main lands of Bellagio Italy.

In reality, Bellagio Italy is a small village on the steep edges of a hill. This place well-known for its picturesque sceneries and beautiful topographies is the abode of numerous mountainous resorts and hotels. Hotel Belvedere is one such popular local hotel with spacious rooms overlooking the scenic beauty of Lake Como. The fishing village of Pescallo with superb deep blue lake location is surrounded on all sides by Italian Alps and its gorgeous and steep slopes. All these places attract large number of international tourists from al corners of the world to visit the city and glance at its natural treasures.

Bus service in Bellagio Italy provides easy access to these excellent places apart from the ferries and the rails. The urban taxi services operate quite efficiently within the city, carrying millions of travelers to their desired destinations from the respective accommodations. Some of the popular hotels that successfully handle the rush of the travelers and offer them quality and efficient services are:
  • Hotel Bellagio
  • Hotel Du Lac Bellagio
  • Grand Hotel Serbelloni Bellagio
  • Residence L'Ulivo Hotel Bellagio
Most of the towns situated on both sides of Lake Como are known to have some of the most famous Italian gardens that are yet another popular tourist attraction. Villa Melzi is one such reputed garden in Bellagio Italy was built as early as 1808 for Duke Francesco Melzi d'Eril, the Vice-President of the Italian Republic founded by Napoleon. These gardens incredibly vast and exquisite appear excellent in spring with flowers budding and fresh, new leaves peeing on the branches of the trees. Together with the architectural splendors, the scenic beauties of the city add to its immense popularity, further boosting up travel and tourism industry in Bellagio.

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