Map of Assisi City, Italy

The large number of rivers passing through Assisi making it fertile, while the hills and valleys around makes it beautiful.

The huge and regal Basilica of St. Mary of the angels gives Assisi, Italy a mystique and religious feel. Known as the 'City of Peace' this meeting centre of world religion had over centuries been visited by noted religious worshippers and saints. Assisi had been subject to many an invasion over centuries largely due to its location. Accessible through rail routes, buses and cars, this rather medieval looking city is a home of wonderful and magnificent churches and other works of architecture.

Life at Assisi, Italy is rather normal and peaceful. With good accommodation facilities the tourists have also been lured to come and visit this ancient city with a historical and religious value. While at Assisi, the places to visit are:

Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels: Built in the 1500s, this monument is the central point of the little town.

Basilica of S. Francesco and the Holy Convent: Decorated by great painters of the time this royal Basilica is a wonder to all. It is home to a wealth of rare manuscripts and collections.

Basilica of S. Chiara: This is one of the oldest monuments in the town.

Basilica of St. Claire: Constructed in the mid 13 th Century, this basilica contains rare and precious paintings by famous artists. The Body of St. Claire is preserved in a crypt in this church.

Cathedral of St. Rufino: This is an old façade built in the 12 th Century. This church had been witness to baptisms of eminent saints like St. Francis.

Church of St. Stefano: This is another picturesque monument that have attracted tourist over ages with its Gothic and Roman architectural blend.

Other places of interest in Assisi, Italy include:
  • Pinacoteca Comunale
  • Church of S. Giacomo de Muro Rupto
  • Church of S. Maria Maggiore
  • Church of S. Pietro
  • Galleria d'Arte Sacra Contemporanea della Cittadella Cristiana
  • Fonte Marcella
  • Rocca Maggiore
One of the most stunning locales of the country, Assisi, Italy offers splendid attractions for tourists of all ages.

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