Amalfi City Map, Italy

Amalfi is a town in the province of Salerno. Its a beautiful town in Naples city famous for its picturesque sites and Lemon drink.
Amalfi in Italy is a town located at 24 miles southeast of Naples with spectacular cliffs and coastal scenery taking hold of your mind and soul. Italy Amalfi is located at the mouth of a coastal valley. It bestows at the foot of Monte Cerreto (1316m), the second top of the Lattari Mounts. The town of Amalfi was once the important trading exponent in the Mediterranean and the capital of The Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

Amalfi is known for its astounding coastal sceneries. The towns by the Amalfi coast are the major attractive spots for the tourists to Amalfi in Italy. From the Gulf of Salerno to the Gulf of Naples the Amalfi coast comprises of beautiful towns. Names of the Amalfi coast cities with a brief are given below which a visitor cannot miss by chance:

  • Praiano - An ancient fishing village in the earlier times. Though, in the modern days it has been shaped into an esteemed seaside resort. More to see is the church devoted to St. Luke, the Chiesa di San Luca Evangelista, containing souvenirs of the saint.

  • Sorrento - Sorrento maintains a good communication with all the attractions of the Amalfi Coast and the archaeological locations of Campania. From Sorrento you can hire the ferry to Capri, the slow train to Herculanium, Pompeii, and Naples, or bus ride to the Amalfi coast.

  • Vesuvius - Public transportation is abundunt in supply here to take you to view volcanoes.

  • Capri - Known for its small island Blue Grotto. It consists of two towns, Capri and Anacapri. They are easily approachable on foot. A frequent service of boats helps to take from Sorrento and Naples.

  • Ravello - Not that glossy town but meals available here will attract you to visit it more than once.

  • Furore - It is a little village with a mere strength of 800 people. It is gradually becoming a major attraction for the tourists with folk paintings composed on the walls of villas. Fantastic wine is available that offers you a unique taste.

Lemons available in Amalfi are an obvious purchase for the tourists to Amalfi. Lemon drink bars offer you a drink of your life. One more item a visitor does not forget to pick from the markets of Amalfi in Italy is its ceramics.

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