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World Map / Hurricane / Path Map of Typhoon Meranti

Path Map of Typhoon Meranti

Areas Affected by Typhoon Meranti

Path map of Meranti
Description :Map showing the alerted areas, projected path, areas affected by Typhoon Meranti  Disclaimer

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Typhoon Meranti Smashes Taiwan, Hits Southern China

Sep 15, 2016 2:33 AM (ET): Typhoon Meranti has brought devastating effects ever since it has entered southern China. It has already battered Taiwan. This super typhoon has gusts of up to 227 km/h and has already killed a person and left over half a million of homes with no power. Many train and flight services have been cancelled in southern China. Number of people have been evacuated from the region. Residents have been advised to stay indoors and the ships were already sent back to harbours.


Super Typhoon Meranti heads towards Taiwan and China

Sep 14, 2016 2:53 AM (ET): Meranti, the Earth’s strongest storm of 2016 is expected to proceed towards south of Taiwan and China. The signs of Meranti have forced the Taiwan officials to evacuate about 1,800 tourists from different offshore islands, nearby schools and commercial hubs. Additionally, the storm will supposedly bring along flooding rains, dangerous storm as well as damaging winds.