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World Map / Hurricane / Hurricane Matthew Path Map (Post-Tropical Cyclone)

Hurricane Matthew Path Map (Post-Tropical Cyclone)

Map Showing Areas Affected By Hurricane Matthew


areas affected by Hurricane Matthew

 Description: Map Showing Areas Affected By Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew Path Map

 Description: Map showing Hurricane Matthew Path Map


Post-Tropical Cyclone Matthew Updates:

Oct 11, 2016: Rescue workers in North and South Carolina were busy all through Monday moving people to safety from areas left devastated by the deadly Hurricane Matthew. The storm's death toll in the US has now climbed to 21, with North Carolina reporting 11 deaths. While the hurricane has pulled away from the state, it is now facing unprecedented flooding. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has said that an urgent rescue effort is underway in Lumberton where a levee breach has endangered the lives of over 1,500 residents living there.


Post-Tropical Cyclone Matthew Facts
Hurricane Matthew Facts 9/28 - 10/09/2016
Maximum Winds 160 mph
Minimum Pressure 934 mb
Category: Tropical Storm
Total fatalities: 1045+
Affected areas: The Bahamas, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United States



Deaths and Damage by Country
Country Deaths Damage (2016 USD)
The Bahamas 0 $400 million +
Colombia 1 N/A
Canada 0 $7.6 million +
Cuba 0 N/A
Dominican Republic 4 N/A
Haiti 546 – 1,332+ $1 billion +
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 N/A
United States 46 $5.5-7.5 billion
Totals 598 – 1,384+ $6.91–8.91 billion +


Hurricane Matthew's Impact on the U.S.


Top Wind Gust Reports from Matthew: 
Cape Canaveral, Florida 107 mph (on an elevated tower at 54 feet above the ground)
Tybee Island, Georgia 96 mph
Jennette's Pier, North Carolina (Outer Banks) 91 mph
Daytona Beach, Florida 91 mph
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 88 mph
Jacksonville Area 87 mph
South Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 84 mph
Duck, North Carolina 83 mph
Beaufort, South Carolina 83 mph
Fort Pulaski, Georgia 79 mph
Folly Beach, South Carolina 76 mph
Oceana NAS, Virginia 75 mph
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 74 mph
Savannah, Georgia 71 mph
Melbourne, Florida 70 mph
Charleston, South Carolina 69 mph
Florence, South Carolina 67 mph
Lumbertgon, North Carolina 66 mph
Fayetteville, North Carolina 62 mph
Sumter, South Carolina 61 mph
Orlando Area Gusts over 60 mph


Some of the Rainfall totals from Matthew, according to NOAA's Weather Prediction Center: 
Savannah (Hunter U.S. Army Airfield), Georgia 17.49 inches
William O Huske Lock 3, North Carolina 15.65 inches
Goldsboro, North Carolina 15.24 inches
Fayetteville, North Carolina 14.82 inches
Beaufort, South Carolina 14.04 inches
Reevesville, South Carolina 12.90 inches
Virginia Beach, Virginia area 12.16 inches
Suffolk, Virginia 11.24 inches
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 11.00 inches
Charleston, South Carolina 10.48 inches
Folly Field, South Carolina 9.82 inches
Orlando, Florida (Sanford) 8.99 inches
Jacksonville, Florida 6.75 inches
N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 5.67 inches
Daytona Beach, Florida 5.29 inches


Among the Notable Rainfall Flooding Reports 
Johnston County, North Carolina Multiple water rescues; people trapped in homes, on top of vehicles
Fayetteville, North Carolina I-95 flooded
Near Coats Crossroads, North Carolina Six-mile stretch of Interstate 40 closed
Raleigh, North Carolina Several feet of water on Atlantic Avenue and Hodges Street
Near Clarkton, North Carolina Vehicle swept away in road washout; 2 killed
Guilford, Halifax, Harnett, Nash, Sampson, Wayne Counties, North Carolina Numerous roads flooded and closed.
Sellers, South Carolina Cars, homes, town hall flooded
Holly Hill, South Carolina Water up to 3 feet deep flooded buildings.
Near Cameron, South Carolina Road washed out
Columbia, South Carolina Numerous roads closed due to flooding, downed powerlines, trees
College Park, South Carolina Water entering some homes


Hurricane Matthew causing serious problems for South Eastern United States

Oct 10, 2016: Hurricane Matthew has lost much of its steam and is no longer being considered a hurricane. Despite this as Matthew moves out to the sea, it is creating plenty of problems for the southeastern United States with North Carolina feeling the maximum impact. As rivers top their banks, North Carolina's eastern part will have to cope with severe floods for many days. As per media reports, more than a thousand people have been rescued in North Carolina. More than 3,000 people are still staying in shelters. The storm has also caused massive outages and as of Sunday night, 58,500 people were still without power.


Hurricane Matthew pulls away from North Carolina: Seven dead 

October 9, 2016 10:15 AM (ET): Hurricane Matthew has pulled away from the state of North Carolina. The hurricane resulted in seven deaths in the state and many counties were under the threat of severe flooding. As per media reports, 887 swift water rescues were conducted in North Carolina. Of this, around 562 water rescues were undertaken in the Cumberland County.

Hurricane Matthew causing severe flooding in North Carolina 

October 8, 2016 10.44 PM (ET): Hurricane Matthew is causing severe flooding in North Carolina. The center of the storm is approximately 40 mile east of Cape Fear. As per media reports, the hurricane has sustained winds of around 75 mph. According to the US National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Matthew is expected to weaken.

Hurricane Matthew claims 13 lives in the US

October 8, 2016 8:30 PM (ET): Hurricane Matthew has claimed at least 13 lives in three states of the US. The storm also caused massive outages with 1.9 million households and businesses without power across the southeast region. The Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory said that three people died in the state due to the storm. Six people were killed in the state of Florida while four people died in Georgia.

Hurricane Matthews moving further up along US East Coast

Oct 8, 2016: A warning has been issued asking people in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to evacuate due to the category 2 hurricane.

After wreaking havoc in Caribbean island nations of Haiti and Cuba, Hurricane Matthew was headed to the East Coast of the United States. In the past two days, Matthew has weakened from category 4 to category 2 but not leaving many in its path unscathed. Haiti has borne the brunt of its catastrophic winds and as many as 877people have lost their lives and thousands their livelihood. It is already declared the worst natural disaster in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. One fatality has occurred in Colombia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines each.

Strong gusts of Hurricane Matthew had sent many Florida natives in a state of panic after it made land contact at Cape Canaveral near Daytona Beach yesterday. In hurricane-related accidents, four people have reportedly died in the southeastern US and over 1.1 million people are without power.

Hurricane Matthew makes landfall southeast of McClellanville

October 8, 2016 12.20 PM (ET) Hurricane Matthew, which hit the state of Florida, has now made landfall in the southeast of McClellanville which is situated in South Carolina. The National Hurricane Center has said that Hurricane Matthew has created a “serious inland flooding event”. The hurricane caused serious damages in Haiti where around 900 people were killed and thousands were left homeless.

Hurricane Matthew weakens to category 1

October 8, 2016 11: 15 AM (ET): Hurricane Matthew has lost much of its strength and has weakened to a category 1. However, powerful winds and storm surges are still impacting Georgia and North and South Carolina. As per reports, it is expected that some areas will experience around 15 inches of rain. In Savannah, Georgia, around 8 inches of rain has fallen which has led to flooding. As per the National Hurricane Center, it is expected the storm will cross the coast later on Saturday.

Hurricane Matthew: Widespread flooding in Florida 

Oct 8, 2016 10:16 AM (ET): Hurricane Matthew, which battered the Florida coast on Friday, has led to widespread flooding and power outages in the state. The hurricane claimed at least five lives in the state. As of Saturday more, more than one million people were still without power. The hardest hit in terms of outages has been Volusia County where more than 200,000 people are still without power. Meanwhile, the impact of Hurricane Matthew has also been felt in Hilton Head in South Carolina. Hilton Head is also facing power outages. 


Hurricane Matthew may soon reach Hilton Head Island

Oct 8, 2016 2:30 AM (ET): It is expected that the worst of the weather would soon reach Hilton Head Island. The island lies on the coat just north of Savannah. Meanwhile, the UN has said that it could take many days to assess the full impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti where nearly 900 people have been killed.


Hurricane Matthew: Three million people evacuated

Oct 7, 2016 10.24 PM (ET): As Hurricane Matthew strikes, More than three million people were evacuated from the states of Florida, North and South Carolina and Georgia. According to media reports, the storm will impact around 26 million people. President Obama has declared a state of emergency and thousands of National Guard troops have been mobilized to deal with the hurricane. Matthew Hurricane has already ravaged Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the Bahamas killing around 842 people.


Hurricane Matthew batters Florida coast: Four dead

Oct 7, 2016 9.03 PM (ET): More than one million people were left without power as Hurricane Matthew slammed the coast of Florida with powerful winds, torrential rainfall and storm surges. As per media reports, four people have died in Florida due to the Hurricane. Of these, two people died overnight as strong winds prevented emergency officials from reaching them. Meanwhile, two other fatalities were reported from Volusia County and Putnam County. The storm has already severely impacted Haiti and other Caribbean nations claiming hundreds of lives.


Matthew Few Miles Away from Jacksonville and St. Augustine

Oct 7, 2016 2:12 PM(ET): As per reports from the National Hurricane Center, devastating Hurricane Matthew is now just 60 miles southeast of Jacksonville Beach and 40 miles east-southeast of St. Augustine, Florida. Presently, it is at 115-mph winds; however, it is moving towards north-northwest at 12 mph. The National Weather Service has also predicted torrential rainfall in the southern East Coast.


Hurricane Matthew: Flash Flood Warning to Jacksonville Area

Oct 7, 2016 1:30 PM(ET): According to media reports, a flash flood warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for Jacksonville, Florida until 6.15 pm ET. Residents are also being guided on where to flee. Experts are predicting devastating effect that the category 3 hurricane will cause to Georgia or the Carolinas. In Haiti, the death toll has reached 800.


Hurricane Matthew Passes Daytona Beach

Oct 7, 2016 12:40 PM(ET): With wind gusts of 120 mph, Hurricane Matthew is passing by Daytona Beach and has already caused a lot of damages. Many poles have been seen falling down. The locations that have been added in the list of hurricane warning include Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Charleston.


Hurricane Matthew’s Eyewall Brushing Northeast Coast of Florida

Oct 7, 2016 11:30 AM(ET): With high winds and storm surge flooding, the deadly storm, Hurricane Matthew killed 572 people in Haiti and now is washing out parts of northeast coast of Florida. It will spread the impact and heavy rainfall flooding in Georgia, South Carolina, and southern North Carolina by Saturday night. Locations that are under hurricane warnings include Savannah, Orlando, Florida, Jacksonville, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.


Matthew Hammering Eastern Florida

Oct 7, 2016 6:15 AM(ET): With wind gusts 100 mph at Cape Canaveral, Florida , hurricane's outer eyewall is touching Space Coast. The category 3 monster storm, Hurricane Matthew is battering parts of eastern Florida with powerful winds. The center tracks are very close to the coast, which is bringing devastating storm surge, ruinous winds and flooding rainfall, and will be reaching Georgia and South Carolina by the weekend.


Matthew Whips Florida, 300,000 Lose Power

04:15 AM(ET): With powerful wind and potentially devastating storm surges, Hurricane Matthew has lashed the Florida coast on Friday. According to media reports, around 300,000 people are dealing without power. The ones remaining in the storm's path were already been ordered to evacuate the place. The storm has downgraded to category 3 with 120 mph. 20 Miles east of Cape Canaveral, a 17-feet wave was seen.


Hurricane Matthew Approaches Brevard County

03:00 AM(ET):The devastating Hurricane Matthew, which is now a category 3 storm, has approached Brevard County. According to media reports, over 20, 000 Florida Power & Light customers are dealing without electricity in the region. Most of the beach-side community has been evacuated.

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Hurricane Matthew Moving Away from the Bahamas

12:05 AM(ET): The category 4 storm, Hurricane Matthew is on its way to leave the Bahamas and hit eastern Florida with devastating storm surge and winds. Tropical storm-force winds have been hitting the region for some hours. A 52 mph gust at Orlando Melbourne International Airport and 71-mph gust at Jensen Beach, Florida have been recorded so far.



Hurricane Matthew nearing landfall north of Palm Beach

Oct 6, 2016 23:00 pm (ET): Torrential rainfall and winds at 130mph are pounding the Florida’s coast. As per media reports, Hurricane Matthew is nearing landfall just north of Palm Beach. Forecasters say that Hurricane Matthew is the strongest storm in more than a decade to strike the US Atlantic coast. Meanwhile, a state of emergency has been declared in Florida and South Carolina. Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, said that the hurricane will kill people.


Hurricane Matthew claims 339 lives in Haiti

21:43 PM (ET): Hurricane Matthew, which is heading for the US state of Florida, has created havoc in Haiti. Media reports quoted the government of Haiti as saying that the death toll due to the hurricane has risen to 339. Jeremie, which is the main city in Haiti, lost nearly 80 percent of its buildings, while 30,000 homes were destroyed in Sud province.


Hurricane Matthew: 20,000 people in South Florida without power 

2016 21.07 pm (ET): A few hours before Hurricane Matthew begins its assault, people in many parts of South Florida have been left without power. As per media reports, on Thursday night around 20,000 people were without power. Florida Power and Light says once the hurricane hits there would be around 2.5 million statewide outages. Meanwhile, calling the storm a monster, Florida Governor has called upon the residents to stay at a safe place.


Hurricane Matthew: Will be Hitting East Coast of Florida in Some Hours

2016 12.30 PM (ET): Category 4 storm, Hurricane Matthew, which is already hammering northwest Bahamas is going to hit east coast of Florida and turn into a catastrophe. The hurricane is now at category 4, but may change into category 5 as well. Deadly storm, destructive winds and flooding rainfall are expected to strike Georgia and South Carolina by the weekend.


Hurricane Matthew: All Set to Strike Eastern Florida

2016 11.50 AM (ET): According to reports, Eastern Florida is at high risk as deadly Hurricane Matthew is going to hit the region by Thursday night. The areas that are expected to be the next targets of this devastating storm are north up the coast in Georgia and the Carolinas. However, the storm will reach these areas by Friday into the weekend.

Hurricane Matthew Hits Northwest Bahamas

2016 6:30 AM (ET): According to sources, the rare category 4 storm Hurricane Matthew has hit the northwest Bahamas, and is expected to smash Florida East Coast by Friday. It is being predicted that Georgia and much of the coastal Carolinas may face destructive hurricane conditions in the weekend. Places like St. Simons Island, Brunswick of Georgia, Orlando and Jacksonville of Florida are under threat.


Hurricane Matthew to Hit Eastern Florida on Thursday

2016 11:00 AM (ET): Hurricane Matthew is going to hit some parts of eastern Florida and Southeast coast on Thursday, which may continue till weekend. According to reports, the impact of the hurricane depends much on the proximity of the center of Matthew to the coast. Experts say that there are chances of battering waves, beach erosion, tornadoes and rainfall flooding to take place. Also, Matthew may not impact northeast states, but circle off the southeast coast.



Emergency Helpline number by county ahead of Hurricane Matthew:

Hurricane Help Line 800-227-8676

Important Phone Numbers:
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: (904) 630-0500
Atlantic Beach Police Department: (904) 247-5859
Neptune Beach Police Department: (904) 270-2413
Jacksonville Beach Police Department: (904) 247-6171

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office: (904) 225-5174
Fernandina Beach Police Department: (904) 277-7342
Florida Power and Light: (800)-468-8243

Putnam County Emergency Service: (386) 329-0379
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office: (386) 329-0800
Palatka Police Department: (386) 329-0111

Flagler County Emergency Service: (386) 313-4200
Flagler County Sheriff’s Office: (386) 437-4116
Bunnell Police Department: (386) 437-7508

Baker County Sheriff's Office Emergency Management Division (904) 259-6111 (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

Clay County Emergency Management: (904) 284-7703
Clay County Sheriff’s Office: (904) 264-6512
Orange Park Police Department: (904) 264-5555
Green Cove Springs Police Department: (904) 529-2220





Hurricane Matthew: South Carolina Residents Prepare for Evacuation

Oct 5, 2016 6:00 AM(ET): After a State of Emergency declared by Governor Nikki Haley on Tuesday, residents of South Carolina are being asked to prepare themselves for evacuation from the place. They have been asked to make themselves familiar with the evacuation routes. They have been suggested to stay at hotels, motels and even friend's house that are located outside the vulnerable areas. As per reports, as soon as the emergency shelters are open, an announcement will be made.With winds near 140-mph, Hurricane Matthew is still a category 4 hurricane. The vulnerable US cities are Miami of Florida, Key West of Florida, Cape Hatteras of North Carolina, Tampa and New Orleans of Louisiana.


Hurricane Matthew: State of Emergency Declared in the southeastern United States

3:00 AM(ET): As the powerful Hurricane Matthew is moving towards the southeastern United States after making landfalls in Haiti and Cuba, State of Emergency has been declared in four states and more than one million people will be evacuated from the coastline. As per reports, the hurricane may bring strong winds in these regions by Thursday noon. Schools and government offices will be closed along the coast of South Carolina from Wednesday.


Hurricane Matthew: Landfall Near Eastern Tip of Cuba and Haiti

1:00 AM(ET): Hurricane Matthew, a four category storm has made landfall near the eastern tip of Cuba and Haiti on Tuesday. According to reports, maximum sustained winds carried by the storm was 130 mph and moved north at 8 mph. Around 1 million people are going to be evacuated from Florida's Atlantic Coast and South Carolina as the hurricane is expected to hit these regions. In parts of Florida, a hurricane watch has been issued on Tuesday. Hurricane winds may reach Florida by Thursday noon and the storm might be there till Friday.


Areas Under Hurricane Threat:

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Haiti - Where is Haiti?, Political Map of Haiti

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Hurricane Matthew: Moves towards Haiti

Oct 4, 2016 2:30 AM(ET): Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful storms in the recent years may result in flooding and landslides when it crosses the regions under threat. At least three people have already died in this category four hurricane with storm packing 145-mph winds. Jamaica is already drenched by the heavy rains and the roads in the capital Kingston are blocked by the floods.

Haiti is likely to get more affected once the the storm passes across the south-west region of the country. The mayor of capital Port-au-Prince, Frederic Hislain in Haiti has already requested government to evacuate around 150,000 people from places that are under threat.

According to reports, the south Florida region and the southeastern U.S. coast were added back in the forecast cone of the storm. Governors of Florida and North Carolina are likely to declare states of emergency in the coastal areas.


Hurricane Matthew Takes Dangerous Shape

Oct 3, 2016 8:00 AM(ET): Hurricane Matthew, considered as one of the most devastating Atlantic tropical storms after 2007, is taking a dangerous turn. According to forecasters, it is still on its path to hit places like Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba. Till 5 a.m. ET on Monday, Matthew was in category four with winds around 130 mph. The storm is being called extremely dangerous by hurricane specialists.



Hurricane Matthew: Haiti Under Threat

Oct 3, 2016 02:05 AM(ET): With Jamaica and Cuba being already under threat, Hurricane Matthew is expected to deliver catastrophic strike in Haiti. It will reach eastern Cuba and Jamaica by Monday night. Many of the Guantanamo bay employees are being evacuated. According to sources, torrential rainfall may happen in Jamaica and Haiti which will produce life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.



Hurricane Matthew Strengthens; Jamaica Under Threat

Oct 1, 2016, 1:06 AM(ET):  According to reports, hurricane Matthew has strengthened, which is why Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas are under high alert. By Friday night, the storm has become five times stronger and is expected to be much devastating, even more than Felix. People in these regions have been advised to be prepared and buy supplies in advance. Florida also might get hit by this storm next week.



Hurricane Matthew Statistics

Date Time Lat Lon Wind (mph) Pressure Storm Type
Oct 9, 16 2100 GMT 35.4 -72.0 75 988 Post-Tropical Cyclone
Oct 9, 16 1500 GMT 35.2 -73.7 75 984 Post-Tropical Cyclone
Oct 9, 16 0900 GMT 34.9 -75.1 75 983 Post-Tropical Cyclone
Oct 9, 16 0300 GMT 34.1 -76.5 75 982 Hurricane
Oct 8, 16 2100 GMT 33.8 -78.2 75 977 Hurricane
Oct 8, 16 1500 GMT 33 -79.4 75 967 Hurricane
Oct 8, 16 0900 GMT 32.0 -80.5 105 955 Hurricane
Oct 8, 16 0300 GMT 31.2 -80.5 105 948 Hurricane
Oct 7, 16 2100 GMT 30.2 -80.7 110 948 Hurricane
Oct 7, 16 1500 GMT 29.4 -80.5 120 947 Hurricane
Oct 7, 16 0900 GMT 28.2 -80.0 120 938 Hurricane
Oct 7, 16 0300 GMT 27.1 -79.2 135 939 Hurricane
Oct 6, 16 2100 GMT 26.2 -78.6 140 938 Hurricane
Oct 6, 16 1500 GMT 25.1 -77.8 140 940 Hurricane
Oct 6, 16 0900 GMT 24.2 -77.1 125 944 Hurricane
Oct 6, 16 0300 GMT 23.4 -76.4 115 961 Hurricane
Oct 5, 16 2100 GMT 22.5 -75.7 120 963 Hurricane
Oct 5, 16 1500 GMT 21.8 -75.2 120 962 Hurricane
Oct 5, 16 0900 GMT 21.1 -74.6 125 962 Hurricane
Oct 5, 16 0300 GMT 20.4 -74.4 135 950 Hurricane
Oct 4, 16 2100 GMT 19.8 -74.3 140 949 Hurricane
Oct 4, 16 1500 GMT 18.9 -74.3 145 950 Hurricane
Oct 4, 16 0900 GMT 7.8 -74.4 145 934 Hurricane
Oct 4, 16 0300 GMT 16.9 -74.6 145 934 Hurricane
Oct 3, 16 2100 GMT 16.3 -74.7 140 940 Hurricane
Oct 3, 16 1500 GMT 15.6 -75 140 941 Hurricane
Oct 3, 16 0900 GMT 15.2 -74.9 135 943 Hurricane
Oct 3, 16 0300 GMT 14.7 -75 145 943 Hurricane
Oct 2, 16 2100 GMT 14.6 -74.8 145 945 Hurricane
Oct 2, 16 1500 GMT 14 -74.6 140 947 Hurricane
Oct 2, 16 0900 GMT 13.9 -74.1 150 940 Hurricane
Oct 2, 16 0300 GMT 13.8 -73.6 150 940 Hurricane
Oct 1, 16 2100 GMT 13.5 -73.4 150 940 Hurricane
Oct 1, 16 1500 GMT 13.4 -73.4 145 947 Hurricane
Oct 1, 16 0900 GMT 13.3 -72.8 155 942 Hurricane
Oct 1, 16 0300 GMT 13.3 -72.3 160 941 Hurricane
Sep 30, 16 2100 GMT 13.5 -71.6 140 949 Hurricane
Sep 30, 16 1500 GMT 13.7 -70.8 115 968 Hurricane
Sep 30, 16 0900 GMT 14 -69.9 100 979 Hurricane
Sep 30, 16 0600 GMT 14.1 -69.3 100 979 Hurricane
Sep 30, 16 0300 GMT 14.1 -68.8 80 983 Hurricane
Sep 29, 16 2100 GMT 14.1 -67.8 75 993 Hurricane
Sep 29, 16 1500 GMT 14.2 -66.3 70 996 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 1200 GMT 14.1 -65.5 70 995 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 0900 GMT 14 -64.7 65 1002 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 0900 GMT 14 -64.7 65 1002 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 0600 GMT 13.9 -64 65 1002 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 0300 GMT 13.9 -63.1 65 1004 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 0300 GMT 13.9 -63.1 65 1004 Tropical Storm
Sep 29, 16 0000 GMT 13.9 -62.4 65 1004 Tropical Storm
Sep 28, 16 2100 GMT 13.8 -62 60 1008 Tropical Storm
Sep 28, 16 2100 GMT 13.8 -62 60 1008 Tropical Storm
Sep 28, 16 1800 GMT 13.6 -61.3 60 1008 Tropical Storm
Sep 28, 16 1500 GMT 13.4 -60.7 60 1008 Tropical Storm
Sep 28, 16 1500 GMT 13.4 -60.7 60 1008 Tropical Storm