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Tropical Storm Hermine Path Map

Map of Hermine Path

Map showing the alerted areas by Hermine in Florida
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 Hurricane Hermine, the first to hit Florida since 2005

Sep 2, 2016, 4:00 AM(ET): Hermine has become the first hurricane to hit Florida after Katrina in 2005. It has brought a huge storm surge along with it. The residents, who had been braced for the storm, have been told to move to higher ground. An emergency has been declared for 51 counties by Governor Rick Scott. According to reports of the National Hurricane Center, wind gusts reached at a pace of 80mph on Thursday, when Hermine moved inland two hours after making landfall. Fresh reports that relieve the city of the risk of flash floods, state that the winds have started to reduce considerably.



Tropical Storm Hermine to Hit Florida, East Coast Under Threat

Sep 1, 2016, 7:00 AM(ET): As per reports, tropical storm Hermine is likely to hit Florida with strong wind and heavy rain. There are chances of flooding on Friday. The center of the storm is 295 miles from west south-west of Tampa, Florida. AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski said that they are expecting the storm will curve to the north-east and may make landfall in the north of Tampa on Thursday evening. Hermine may turn into a hurricane before making the landfall.

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