Winners of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

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World Map Showing the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Champions
World Map Depicting The Countries that have won the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup


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The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is an international tournament that is held every two years. The World Cup is a 10-day tournament and sees 16 teams vying for the trophy. The winners of each group and the runners-up compete in a series of knockout stages and the final winner is crowned the champions.

The tournament originated in 1995; however, it was at the time known as the Beach Soccer World Championship. The championship was an annual event and was organized by the Beach Soccer Worldwide. The growing popularity of the championship aroused the interest of FIFA who took over the organization of the tournament in 2005. Thereafter it came to be known as the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Today, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is an international tournament and since 2009 is played every two years. Over 45 countries have participated in the World Cup since its inception in 1995.

Only four countries have so far been able to bag the World Cup titles. Till date Brazil is the most successful nation, winning the most number of titles. Of the 19 World Cups that have been organized till now, Brazil has emerged champions in 14. The other successful teams are Russia, Portugal, and France. Russia won the tournament in 2011 and 2013, while Portugal emerged winners in 2001 and 2015. France has just won one tournament. France won the tournament in 2005. Of these four nations, Brazil and Portugal are the only ones to have won the championships before and after FIFA took over the tournament.

The countries, which have emerged as the runners up include the United States, Uruguay, France, Portugal, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, and Tahiti. In fact, Tahiti has emerged as the runners-up in two consecutive tournaments – 2015, and 2017. In 2015, it lost to Portugal, and in 2017 to Brazil.

The table below provides information on the years when the nations won the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

Beach Soccer World Championship Finals
Year Winners
1995 Brazil
1996 Brazil
1997 Brazil
1998 Brazil
1999 Brazil
2000 Brazil
2001 Portugal
2002 Brazil
2003 Brazil
2004 Brazil
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Finals
Year Winners
2005 France
2006 Brazil
2007 Brazil
2008 Brazil
2009 Brazil
2011 Russia
2013 Russia
2015 Portugal
2017 Brazil


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