Winners of the FIBA Basketball World Cup

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World Map Showing the FIBA Basketball World Cup Champions
The World Map Shows the Number of Medals Won by Nations at the FIBA Basketball World Cup


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Sports is one of the biggest forms of entertainment around the world. But, it is a tough to say what is the most popular sport, as popularity varies from country to country. While in some nations football is the most popular sports, in others it is tennis, rugby, etc., while in a couple of nations, skiing or ice hockey would appeal more to the people. Among the plethora of sports played across the globe, basketball occupies an exalted position as a very popular sport. This exciting and adrenaline pumping sport is widely played and watched in most of the countries. In the United States, basketball rates among the top four most popular sports in the country. Basketball games not only garner viewership that run into hundreds of thousands, but ‘hoops’ also bring in huge ad revenues.

Every year, a number of basketball tournaments are held across the globe; among them the FIBA Basketball World Cup is the most prestigious international basketball competition. Founded in the year 1950, FIBA Basketball World Cup is organized by the International Basketball Federation and is held every four years. The host of the inaugural tournament was Argentina. Incidentally, the country emerged victorious in the championship defeating the United States. Nevertheless, barring the initial defeat, the United States is the most successful team in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, winning a total of 12 medals, which includes gold, silver and bronze.

Despite its dissolution, former Yugoslavia is still the second most successful nation, and has won a total of 10 medals. The former Soviet Union, which existed from 1922 to 1991, is the third most successful team to date, with a total of eight medals, while the South American nation of Brazil is next, with a total of six medals.

Argentina, Chile, and Russia have won two medals each. Of the post-Soviet states, Russia is the only nation to bag a medal at the World Cup. Nations which have won just one medal at the FIBA Basketball World Cup include Spain, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, the Philippines, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, and France. Since, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the second most successful team, only two post- Yugoslav nations – Serbia and Croatia – have been able to win a medal at the tournament.

In the most recent tournament held in 2014 in Madrid, Spain, the United States won the championship by defeating Serbia. The next FIBA Basketball World Cup would be held in 2019 in Beijing, China.

(The Yugoslavia medal tally includes both the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which existed from 1945 to 1992 and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – 1992 to 2006)

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