Visa Requirements for French Citizens

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World Map Showing Visa Requirements for French Citizens Around the World
World Map Depicts Visa Requirements for French Citizens Around the World


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Traveling around the world can be a little more convenient if you have a French passport. Currently, the French passport is the fourth most powerful passport in the world, and offers citizens of the country visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 173 nations. As France is a part of the European Union, French citizens have an added advantage of moving around or living in other EU member countries without a visa, though they would require an ID.

Currently, there are 31 nation which provide French Citizens freedom of movement. These include both the EU members and a few non-EU countries. Some of these nations where the French can freely move or live are; Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Switzerland, and others.

Apart from these, there are a large number of countries which do not require French citizens to apply for a visa. Some prominent nations that fall in this category include South Korea, New Zealand, Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates and many more.

Some of the nations where French citizens have the privilege of applying for a visa on arrival are; Qatar, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Nepal, to name a few. The United States provides a visa waiver program to the French citizens. According to this program, French tourists can travel to the United States for either tourism or business purposes without a visa. But their visit to the country should be 90 days or less.

There are quite a few nations which provide French tourists e-visa facilities. These are Gabon, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, and Myanmar. Sri Lanka offers Electronic travel authorization, Australia provides e-visitor facilities.

Meanwhile, there are still a large number of nations which require French citizens to apply and obtain a visa. A few of these countries are Mongolia, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Algeria, Angola, Ghana, to name a few.

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