Visa Requirements for British Tourists Around the World

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World Map Showing Visa Requirements for British Citizens by Country
The World Map Depicts the Visa Requirements for British Citizens by Country


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British citizens can travel to more than 100 countries around the world without a visa or with a visa on arrival, thanks to the British passport. The British passport is currently rated as one of the most powerful passports in the world and provides Britishers with a lot of convenience. The Britishers have the privilege of the freedom of movement within a large number of European nations. Many of these countries are members of the European Union.  As the United Kingdom is still part of the EU, the residents of the country can live, work, or travel to any other EU member state and vice-versa without a visa. These nations are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and some other nations. However, the situation might change once United Kingdom withdraws from the EU beginning in March or April 2019.

Apart from these nations, there are many other countries where British tourists can travel hassle free. In these nations, Britishers do not require a visa. Some of these nations are Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, among others. A couple of countries offer Britishers the advantages of  visa-on-arrival. Nations that provide Britishers the facility of visa-on-arrival are Bahrain, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Zimbabwe and some others. Jordan, Maldives, Tonga, United Arab Emirates, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, etc, are some of the few nations that offer British tourists free visa on arrival.

The United States offers British tourists a visa waiver program. This allows Britishers to travel to the United States for business or travel purposes for up to 90 days without having to apply for a visa. India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Myanmar, Turkey etc provide Britishers e-visa. Australia provides e-visitor visa. Meanwhile, there are quite a few countries where Britishers still need to go through the hassles of applying for a visa. Nations which require Britishers to have a visa are Bhutan, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Mongolia, Sudan etc.

The table below provides information about the visa requirement for Britishers around the world.

Gabon E-Visa
India E-Visa
Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization
Azerbaijan E-Visa
Cote D’Ivoire E-Visa
Kenya E-Visa
Kuwait E-Visa
Myanmar E-Visa
Turkey E-Visa
Australia E-Visitor
Samoa Free Entry Permit on arrival
Jordan Free visa on arrival
Maldives Free visa on arrival
Marshall Islands Free visa on arrival
Palau Free visa on arrival
Papua New Guinea Free visa on arrival
Tonga Free visa on arrival
Tuvalu Free visa on arrival
United Arab Emirates Free visa on arrival
Seychelles Free Visitor’s Permit on arrival
Solomon Islands Free Visitor’s Permit on arrival
Dominican Republic Tourist Card on arrival
Suriname Tourist Card on arrival
Bahrain Visa on arrival
Bangladesh Visa on arrival
Burkina Faso Visa on arrival
Cambodia Visa on arrival
Cape Verde Visa on arrival
Comoros Visa on arrival
Djibouti Visa on arrival
Egypt Visa on arrival
Ethiopia Visa on arrival
Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival
Laos Visa on arrival
Lebanon Visa on arrival
Madagascar Visa on arrival
Malawi Visa on arrival
Mauritania Visa on arrival
Mozambique Visa on arrival
Nepal Visa on arrival
Oman Visa on arrival
Qatar Visa on arrival
Rwanda Visa on arrival
Tajikistan Visa on arrival
Tanzania Visa on arrival
Timor-Leste Visa on arrival
Togo Visa on arrival
Uganda Visa on arrival
Zambia Visa on arrival
Zimbabwe Visa on arrival
Austria Freedom of movement
Belgium Freedom of movement
Bulgaria Freedom of movement
Croatia Freedom of movement
Cyprus Freedom of movement
Czech Republic Freedom of movement
Denmark Freedom of movement
Estonia Freedom of movement
Finland Freedom of movement
France Freedom of movement
Germany Freedom of movement
Greece Freedom of movement
Hungary Freedom of movement
Iceland Freedom of movement
Ireland Freedom of movement
Italy Freedom of movement
Latvia Freedom of movement
Liechtenstein Freedom of movement
Lithuania Freedom of movement
Luxembourg Freedom of movement
Malta Freedom of movement
Netherlands Freedom of movement
Norway Freedom of movement
Poland Freedom of movement
Portugal Freedom of movement
Romania Freedom of movement
Slovakia Freedom of movement
Slovenia Freedom of movement
Spain Freedom of movement
Sweden Freedom of movement
Switzerland Freedom of movement
Albania Visa not required
Andorra Visa not required
Antigua Visa not required
Argentina Visa not required
Armenia Visa not required
Bahamas Visa not required
Barbados Visa not required
Barbuda Visa not required
Belarus Visa not required
Belize Visa not required
Bolivia Visa not required
Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa not required
Botswana Visa not required
Brazil Visa not required
Brunei Visa not required
Canada Visa not required
Chile Visa not required
Colombia Visa not required
Costa Rica Visa not required
Dominica Visa not required
Ecuador Visa not required
El Salvador Visa not required
Federated States of Micronesia Visa not required
Fiji Visa not required
Gambia, The Visa not required
Georgia Visa not required
Grenada Visa not required
Guatemala Visa not required
Guyana Visa not required
Haiti Visa not required
Honduras Visa not required
Indonesia Visa not required
Israel Visa not required
Jamaica Visa not required
Japan Visa not required
Kazakhstan Visa not required
Kiribati Visa not required
Korea, South Visa not required
Kyrgyzstan Visa not required
Lesotho Visa not required
Macedonia Visa not required
Malaysia Visa not required
Mauritius Visa not required
Mexico Visa not required
Moldova Visa not required
Monaco Visa not required
Montenegro Visa not required
Morocco Visa not required
Namibia Visa not required
New Zealand Visa not required
Nicaragua Visa not required
Panama Visa not required
Paraguay Visa not required
Peru Visa not required
Philippines Visa not required
Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa not required
Saint Lucia Visa not required
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa not required
San Marino Visa not required
Sao Tome and Principe Visa not required
Senegal Visa not required
Serbia Visa not required
Singapore Visa not required
South Africa Visa not required
Swaziland Visa not required
Thailand Visa not required
Trinidad and Tobago Visa not required
Tunisia Visa not required
Ukraine Visa not required
Uruguay Visa not required
Vanuatu Visa not required
Vatican (Holy Sea) Visa not required
Venezuela Visa not required
Vietnam Visa not required
Cuba Tourist Card required
Afghanistan Visa required
Algeria Visa required
Angola Visa required
Benin Visa required
Bhutan Visa required
Burundi Visa required
Cameroon Visa required
Central African Republic Visa required
Chad Visa required
China Visa required
Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa required
Equatorial Guinea Visa required
Eritrea Visa required
Ghana Visa required
Guinea Visa required
Iran Visa required
Iraq Visa required
Korea, North Visa required
Liberia Visa required
Libya Visa required
Mali Visa required
Mongolia Visa required
Nauru Visa required
Niger Visa required
Nigeria Visa required
Pakistan Visa required
Republic of the Congo Visa required
Russia Visa required
Saudi Arabia Visa required
Sierra Leone Visa required
Somalia Visa required
South Sudan Visa required
Sudan Visa required
Syria Visa required
Turkmenistan Visa required
Uzbekistan Visa required
Yemen Visa required
United States of America Visa Waiver Program

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