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US Map Showing Pizza Stores per State
US Map Depicts the Number of Pizza Stores Per 10,000 People


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Pizza, which originated in Italy, is today a global delicacy and is widely consumed around the world. However, in the United States, it is not only one of the most popular fast foods but one of the biggest industries as well. It is estimated that in the United States the Pizza restaurant industry is worth $37 billion. Some popular variations of pizzas in the US are California-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Detroit-style pizza, Hawaiian pizza, New York style pizza and many others. In Fact some top US Pizza chains such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and others have become quite popular across the globe. Today, pizza stores can be found in every state of the United States; however their number varies from one state to the other.

If you really love to gorge on pizzas, then head to New Hampshire, which has the largest number of pizza stores in the country. According to Pizza Power Report 2017, the number of pizza stores in New Hampshire stood at 3.90 per 10,000 people. The other states where there were more than 3 pizza stores per 10,000 people were Massachusetts, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, Ohio and a few others.

States where the number of pizza stores ranged between 2.5 and 3 were New York, North Dakota, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, among others. Meanwhile, states such as Virginia, Alaska, Washington, California, Mississippi, New Mexico, etc had less than 2.5 pizza stores per 10,000 population. In the list, Hawaii was ranked at the bottom with just 0.94 pizza stores per 10,000 people.

The table provides information on the number of pizza stores in each state of the United States per 10,000 people.

STATE Stores per 10,000 people
New Hampshire 3.90
Massachusetts 3.65
Iowa 3.65
Pennsylvania 3.60
Rhode Island 3.55
Delaware 3.48
Ohio 3.44
Connecticut 3.44
New Jersey 3.37
West Virginia 3.15
Indiana 3.10
Michigan 3.03
New York 2.95
Maine 2.84
North Dakota 2.82
Vermont 2.76
South Dakota 2.74
Montana 2.66
Kentucky 2.55
Kansas 2.54
Missouri 2.53
Illinois 2.52
Nebraska 2.51
Minnesota 2.48
Arkansas 2.47
Florida 2.44
Nevada 2.42
Maryland 2.35
Wyoming 2.32
Oregon 2.30
Idaho 2.30
Wisconsin 2.28
Oklahoma 2.25
Washington, DC 2.25
Virginia 2.23
Colorado 2.20
Tennessee 2.19
North Carolina 2.16
South Carolina 2.14
Alaska 2.04
Washington 1.97
Utah 1.93
Texas 1.87
California 1.85
Arizona 1.83
Georgia 1.77
Mississippi 1.72
New Mexico 1.69
Alabama 1.61
Louisiana 1.57
Hawaii 0.94

*Washington, DC, the capital of the US, has 2.25 stores per 10,000 people

(Data sourced from Power Report 2017)

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