Want to Get an Electricity Connection for Your Home? Wait for 465 days!

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the-number-of-days-required-to-get-electricityElectricity is a basic necessity of mankind and life without it can get really tough. If you are applying for an electricity connection, the number of days in which you would get it really depends on the country where you are living.

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The number of days in which you can get an electricity connection varies from country to country. While in some nations the process can get cumbersome and frustrating as it can take months, even a year to secure a connection; in others, it is smooth and may take just about a few days to finally light up the house.

Well, you can thank your lucky stars if you aren’t a resident of Liberia. According to a 2016 World Bank data, in this African nation it takes a whopping 465 days (approximately one year and three months) to get an electricity connection!

On the other side of the table stands South Korea, where getting an electricity connection is a breeze. The formalities and procedures here take just 18 days to complete, while in Iceland and Austria it may take up to 22 and 23 days respectively to get an electricity connection.

Some other nations where it takes less than 30 days (approximately one month) to get an electricity connection are Hong Kong, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, whereas in Singapore it takes exactly 30 days. If you are a resident of one of these nations — Rwanda, Panama, Namibia, Thailand, India, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, The Philippines, Greece and Sweden — it can take anywhere between 30 to 60 days to get your house lighted.

In India, for example, it takes around 45.9 days to get electricity. Meanwhile, Pakistan lags behind India with a whopping 180 days required to get electricity there. India is also ahead of its neighbor China, where the authorities (and other formalities) end up taking around 143.2 days to release a connection. Even in some European nations it takes an incredibly long time to get electricity. In Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and the Russian Federation, the time period ranges from 160 to 281 days.

But Liberia is not alone among the list of nations where it takes an incredibly long time to secure an electricity connection. In the two African nations of Guinea-Bissau and Madagascar the time period is 455 and 450 days respectively, while in the Asian nation of Bangladesh it usually takes 428.9 days to get electricity.

(Data source from World Bank)

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