Countries that Produced the Most Vehicles – By The Numbers

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The year 2015 witnessed a staggering 68,539,516 cars being produced around the world. But, out of this, a significant number of cars were produced in the Asian nation of China. According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) data, the number one spot went to China where in the year 2015, 21,079,427 cars were produced.

In numbers, China was well ahead of the other nations that were listed in the OICA data. Coming at a distant second was Japan, which is well known around the world for its advanced technology. The nation witnessed some 7,830,722 cars being produced in the year 2015. Germany, which has produced some amazing luxury models such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, stood at the third place with 5,707,938 cars that it produced in the year 2015.

The United States and South Korea, which occupied the fourth and fifth spots respectively, were neck to neck in the number of cars produced in the year 2015. While the United States witnessed 4,163,679 cars being produced in the year 2015, the figure in South Korea stood at 4,135,108.

India, which is an emerging economy, was among the top ten countries. Occupying the sixth spot, India witnessed 3,378,063 cars being produced in the year 2015. Both the European nation of Spain and the South American nation of Brazil witnessed an upward of two million cars being produced in 2015. In the six nations of Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia, more than a million cars were produced in 2015.

At the bottom of the list were the countries of Ukraine, Egypt and the Netherlands, which saw 5,654, 12,000 and 41,870 cars being produced in 2015.

(Data sourced from OICA)

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