Countries that have a Cross on their National Flag

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Countries That Have a Cross on their National Flag
The World Map Highlights the Nations that Have a Cross on their National Flag


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The Cross is the most well-known symbol of Christianity and represents the instrument on which Jesus Christ was crucified. The Cross can be seen in many Christian churches, and has been installed at many prominent places, such as the 199-foot cross located in Louisiana’s Bossier City, the Millennium Cross in Skopje, and other. Currently, of the 196 UN sanctioned countries, the cross is depicted on the flag of 31 nations. These countries range from North America, to Europe and Asia. While the flag of the United Kingdom depicts the three crosses – St Andrews Cross, St George’s Cross, and St Patrick’s Cross, only two of the four countries that comprise the UK have a cross on their flags. While Scotland depicts the St Andrew’s Cross on its flag, the flag of England has the St George’s Cross. Four Commonwealth Nations depict the Union Jack on their flag. These four nations are Australia, New Zealand, Tuvalu, and Fiji.

Five nations depict the Scandinavian/Nordic Cross in their flags. The Cross symbolizes Christianity and the center of the cross is moved towards the hoist. The Nordic Cross can be seen on the flags of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. However, Greenland, which is an overseas territory of Denmark, does not depict the Nordic Cross in its flag. Denmark was the first country to adopt the Nordic flag and it was later adopted by the other Nordic nations.

Other countries that depict a cross in their flag are Burundi, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Greece, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Marshall Islands, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Tonga, and Vatican City.

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