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World Map Showing Deaths Due to Malaria Around the World
The World Map Shows the Number of People Who Have Died From Malaria in Each Nation


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Malaria is a life-threatening disease that results through the bite of Anopheles mosquito. The symptoms usually can be seen about 10 to 15 days after the person is bitten. Some of the symptoms that are associated with Malaria are headache, fever, vomiting and tiredness. Malaria may also lead to coma, yellow skin, seizures and even death. The disease is mainly widespread in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America. It has been estimated that in 2015, there were some 296 Malaria cases all over the world. During the year, an estimated 731,000 people lost their life due to the disease.

According to a data by the World Health Organization, Nigeria is the worst affected country. In 2015, Malaria claimed the lives of around 112,400 people. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second worst affected country witnessing around 43,300 deaths from Malaria. The South Asian nation of India was the third most affected with 23,700 deaths from Malaria during the year. Mali came at the fourth spot with 20,600 deaths.

Countries where between 10,000 and 20,000 people lost their life due to Malaria diseases included the African nations of Tanzania, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Uganda, Guinea, Kenya, and Niger. Incidentally, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea were the only two non-African countries where between 1,000 and 10,000 people had died from Malaria. Some of the African nations in this slab included Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Senegal, Togo, Liberia, Sudan and others.

Meanwhile, the situation is not that bad in a few nations in the list. These countries witnessed less than 1,000 deaths during 2015 from Malaria diseases. Some of these nations are Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines and a few others. However, many countries have been instrumental in eliminating the disease and witnessed no deaths from Malaria in 2015. A few of these nations are Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Australia, Iran, Swaziland, United States of America, Mexico, Iraq, and other countries.

Though Malaria is a life-threatening disease, it is preventable if precautions are taken and a proper healthcare structure is in place. The risk of Malaria can largely be lessened if certain steps are undertaken such as draining standing water, using insect repellents, mosquito nets and spraying insecticides.

For a better understanding on how many people have died from Malaria in each nation, refer to the table below.

Country Deaths (‘000)
Nigeria 112.4
Democratic Republic of the Congo 43.3
India 23.7
Mali 20.6
United Republic of Tanzania 17.0
Mozambique 16.7
Burkina Faso 14.6
Angola 14.4
Côte d’Ivoire 14.1
Ghana 13.4
Uganda 12.5
Guinea 11.9
Kenya 11.9
Niger 10.6
Cameroon 9.2
Chad 7.5
Malawi 7.5
Madagascar 7.4
Zambia 7.2
Sierra Leone 7.1
Benin 6.0
Burundi 5.2
Ethiopia 4.9
Senegal 4.4
Togo 4.2
Central African Republic 3.6
Sudan 3.5
Rwanda 2.9
South Sudan 2.9
Zimbabwe 2.5
Liberia 2.3
Somalia 2.2
Indonesia 1.9
Congo 1.7
Papua New Guinea 1.3
Mauritania 1.2
Yemen 0.8
Pakistan 0.7
Guinea-Bissau 0.7
Gambia 0.6
Myanmar 0.5
Gabon 0.4
Equatorial Guinea 0.3
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 0.2
Afghanistan 0.2
Haiti 0.2
South Africa 0.2
Eritrea 0.1
Cambodia 0.1
Sao Tome and Principe 0.1
Philippines 0.1
Namibia 0.1
Solomon Islands 0.1
Brazil 0.1
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 0.1
Thailand 0.0
Colombia 0.0
Djibouti 0.0
Guyana 0.0
Vietnam 0.0
Bangladesh 0.0
Nepal 0.0
Guatemala 0.0
Malaysia 0.0
Honduras 0.0
Comoros 0.0
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 0.0
Peru 0.0
China 0.0
Nicaragua 0.0
Dominican Republic 0.0
Botswana 0.0
Algeria 0.0
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 0.0
Australia 0.0
Vanuatu 0.0
Swaziland 0.0
United States of America 0.0
Spain 0.0
Timor-Leste 0.0
Mexico 0.0
Iraq 0.0

Data sourced from the World Health Organization

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