The Growing Threat of Dementia Around the World

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World Map Showing People With Dementia Around the World
World Map Depicting the Number of People Who Have Dementia Around the World


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Dementia is a serious disease that is affecting a significant section of the population around the world. Dementia is a disease of the brain and people suffering from this witness a gradual decrease in their ability to think and remember. Thus people with dementia have difficulty in their day-to-day activities. People with dementia may also suffer from emotional and language problems and a decrease in motivation. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common forms of dementia. Other forms are vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, and frontotemporal dementia. Unfortunately, dementia has no cure.

According to a report by the Alzheimer’s Disease International, there were an estimated 46 million people suffering from Dementia across the world in 2015. However, the figure will increase by the year 2050. By that time approximately 130 million people across the globe would be suffering from dementia. However, some regions will witness more people suffering from dementia as compared to other regions.

According to the report, Asia (excluding the Middle East) and Oceania had the largest number of people living with dementia in 2015. Here the figure stood at approximately 22.9 million. It is expected to rise to 67 million by 2050.

The Americas, which included both North and South America, had approximately 9.4 million people suffering from dementia in the year 2015, while in Europe and the entire Russia, the figure was around 10.5 million during the same year. Meanwhile in Africa and the Middle East, there were around 4 million people living with dementia in 2015, the least among all the regions.

Nevertheless, there is a growing awareness about dementia and governments are making efforts to combat it. But, a lot needs to be done to reduce the disease.

(Data sourced from the Alzheimer’s Disease International)

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