Secondary Vocational Education: An Attractive Career Option

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World Map Showing Enrollment in Secondary Vocational Education
The World Map Depicts the Number of Individuals Enrolled in Secondary Vocational Education in Each Nation


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Vocational education, which is also referred as technical education, has emerged as an important part of the educational system in many nations around the world. Vocational education enables the students to get the knowledge and skills that are specific to a particular trade or occupation. The completion of such programs leads to vocational qualifications that are relevant to the labor market. Vocational education not only enhances the employment avenues of the individual but also provides a career alternative to those who are pursuing higher education. Earlier, vocational education training was mainly imparted in classrooms or on site. However, with the advancement of technology, online vocational education has also gained popularity around the globe.

According to a World Bank data, in 2014, China topped the list of countries among the number of people enrolled in secondary vocational education, including both men and women. There were a whopping 19,234,000 people enrolled in secondary vocational education in the country during the year. Coming at the second place was the Asian nation of Indonesia where in the same year, 4,200,000 people were enrolled in secondary vocational education across the nation. United Kingdom, where some 2,086,000 people were enrolled in vocational programs, came at the third spot. Other nations where more than 1,000,000 people were enrolled in secondary vocational programs were Egypt, India, Italy, Uzbekistan, Russia, Germany and France.

Some of the nations, which witnessed between 100,000 and 1,000,000 people enrolled in secondary vocational education were Brazil, Iran, Japan, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Pakistan, Malaysia, Finland, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and a few other nations. Meanwhile, vocational programs were not very popular in nations such as Puerto Rico, Bahrain, Kuwait, Cyprus, Lesotho, Bhutan, Liechtenstein, etc where these programs witnessed an enrollment of less than 10,000.

To get more information on the number of individuals enrolled in secondary vocational education, refer to the table below.

Country Enrollment in secondary vocational, (in ‘000)
China 19,234
Indonesia 4,200
United Kingdom 2,086
Egypt, Arab Rep. 1,727
India 1,591
Italy 1,573
Uzbekistan 1,515
Russian Federation 1,483
Germany 1,349
France 1,109
Brazil 899
Iran, Islamic Rep. 895
Japan 837
Congo, Dem. Rep. 822
Australia 794
Bolivia 682
Spain 572
Belgium 553
Romania 460
Cameroon 444
Pakistan 367
Colombia 348
Malaysia 336
Chile 322
Guatemala 312
Czech Republic 306
Ecuador 291
Austria 254
Finland 252
Ukraine 243
Switzerland 231
Sweden 223
Portugal 213
Serbia 203
Cuba 199
Honduras 197
Kazakhstan 186
Saudi Arabia 184
Bulgaria 168
Israel 152
Slovak Republic 149
Croatia 149
Venezuela, RB 133
Denmark 131
Mali 129
Norway 127
Hungary 121
Bosnia and Herzegovina 116
Greece 115
El Salvador 112
Costa Rica 102
Cote d’Ivoire 97
Rwanda 88
Belarus 86
New Zealand 85
Uruguay 72
Kyrgyz Republic 66
Tunisia 62
Slovenia 61
Lebanon 55
Mozambique 53
Macedonia, FYR 52
Turkmenistan 51
Dominican Republic 44
Niger 42
Ghana 41
Peru 38
Burundi 37
Moldova 31
Jordan 28
Burkina Faso 28
Mongolia 28
Lithuania 27
Madagascar 27
Latvia 27
Albania 27
Armenia 27
Guinea 26
Afghanistan 25
Benin 24
Suriname 21
Mauritius 19
Luxembourg 15
Estonia 15
Georgia 14
Lao PDR 8
Puerto Rico 7
Hong Kong SAR, China 7
Bahrain 7
Kuwait 6
Brunei Darussalam 6
Timor-Leste 5
Cyprus 5
Djibouti 3
West Bank and Gaza 3
Eritrea 3
Malta 2
Lesotho 2
Mauritania 2
Cabo Verde 2
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) 2
Macao SAR, China 1
Bhutan 1
Belize 1
Liechtenstein 1
Sao Tome and Principe 1
Qatar 1
Tonga 0
Comoros 0
Monaco 0
Andorra 0
Swaziland 0
Antigua and Barbuda 0
Seychelles 0
St. Lucia 0
British Virgin Islands 0
Myanmar 0
Tuvalu 0

(Data sourced from World Bank)

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