The Gross Enrollment Ratio in Secondary Education Across the World

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Get to Know the Percentage of Gross Enrollment Ration in Secondary Education
The World Map Depicts the Percentage of Gross Enrollment Ration in Secondary Education Per Country


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A sound educational infrastructure is essential for the all-round development of the nation. Nations around the world have given significant emphasis to the development of education so that it can produce students who can help in the economic growth of their respective nations. But there are many nations where education is still a neglected sector mainly due to years of civil war, economic and political instability, or other factors.

Here we are discussing total enrollment in secondary education, regardless of age, expressed as a percentage of the population of official secondary education age.  The European nations and the United States have paid the maximum attention to the building of a robust educational system. According to the World Bank data of 2014, regarding the percentage of Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in secondary education (taking into consideration both the sexes), the European Union ranked the highest recording the percentage of 113 percent. In fact, what’s interesting to note here is that GER can cross the 100 percent mark because of the inclusion of under-aged and over-ages students. These are students who have started education early or late and have repeated their grades.

Meanwhile, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia ranked at the lowest level showing figures of 43 percent and 65 percent respectively.

Among the European nations the highest ranked was Belgium, whose Gross Enrollment Ratio in secondary education stood at a whopping 165 percent. Incidentally, Belgium also topped the World Bank list. Meanwhile, Malta ranked the lowest among European nations but still commanded a respectable 85 percent.

The African nations were placed at the bottom of the list with Niger, the lowest ranked country, showing a figure of just 19 percent. However, many nations had healthy figures such as South Africa, which recorded a figure of 94 percent and Cabo Verde, which recorded 93 percent. Meanwhile, in the United States the Gross Enrollment Ratio in secondary education stood at 98 percent.

The table below will give our readers an overview per country.

Country Name GER % (2014)

As % of popln. of

sec. education age

Belgium 165
Finland 145
Sweden 133
Netherlands 132
Spain 130
Denmark 130
United Kingdom 128
Costa Rica 120
New Zealand 117
Portugal 116
Liechtenstein 116
Latvia 115
Palau 114
Norway 113
Slovenia 111
France 111
Barbados 109
Saudi Arabia 108
Belarus 107
Hungary 107
Lithuania 107
Kazakhstan 105
Czech Republic 105
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 105
Ecuador 104
Azerbaijan 103
Germany 102
Antigua and Barbuda 102
Israel 102
Bulgaria 101
Grenada 101
Hong Kong SAR, China 101
Russian Federation 101
Chile 100
Switzerland 100
Cuba 100
Georgia 99
Cyprus 99
Austria 99
Ukraine 99
Brunei Darussalam 99
Croatia 99
Colombia 99
North America 99
Mauritius 98
British Virgin Islands 98
United States 98
Albania 96
Macao SAR, China 96
Peru 96
Romania 95
Serbia 94
China 94
South Africa 94
Kuwait 94
Cabo Verde 93
Slovak Republic 92
Venezuela, RB 92
St. Kitts and Nevis 92
Kyrgyz Republic 91
Mongolia 91
Mexico 91
Tonga 90
Bosnia and Herzegovina 89
Iran, Islamic Rep. 88
Tunisia 88
Moldova 87
Samoa 87
St. Lucia 86
Egypt, Arab Rep. 86
Malta 85
Turkmenistan 85
Bhutan 84
Nauru 83
Indonesia 82
West Bank and Gaza 82
El Salvador 81
Tuvalu 81
Belize 80
Malaysia 79
Dominican Republic 78
Sao Tome and Principe 77
Seychelles 75
Timor-Leste 73
Bermuda 73
Jamaica 69
Honduras 68
Ghana 67
Nepal 67
Guatemala 64
Lao PDR 57
Cameroon 56
Afghanistan 56
Benin 54
Lesotho 52
Myanmar 51
Djibouti 46
Mali 44
Congo, Dem. Rep. 44
Pakistan 42
Cote d’Ivoire 40
Malawi 39
Rwanda 39
Guinea 39
Madagascar 38
Burundi 38
Liberia 38
Burkina Faso 30
Mauritania 30
Mozambique 25
Niger 19


(Data sourced from World Bank)

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