How much do teachers earn around the world?

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Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher but got bogged down by the fact that you might not get an MNC salary. Well, if salary was your main consideration then applying for a visa to Luxembourg might be a good idea. According to The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) latest data, teachers earn the highest salaries in this West European monarchy at the primary level with 15 years experience. Here teachers earn approximately US$98788 per annum. Europe dominated the top ten countries with five of them coming from this continent.

The other European nation where teachers command a respectable salary is Germany; however, it comes a distant second. Compared to Luxembourg, teachers in Germany earn $62195 per year. Other European nations among the top ten are Ireland, Netherlands, and Denmark where teachers earn an annual salary of approximately US$55148, US$54865, and US$51122 respectively. Both the North American nations of the United States and Canada are also high paying countries for teachers. In Canada the annual salary for teachers is approximately US$58495, while in the US it is US$45998. The two Asian countries – Japan and South Korea – and Australia are also good places to be a teacher. In Japan teachers earn US$47561 per annum, while in South Korea and Australia it is US$50145 and US$51289 respectively.

Barring New Zealand, all the other nations from the 11th to the 20th position are European. Meanwhile standing at the Lower five are the nations of Indonesia, Estonia, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland where teachers salary are US$1974, US$ 12525, US$13365, US$13520, and US$18160 respectively.

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