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Find Out How Many Commercial Vehicles Were Produced By Each Nation
The World Map Shows the Number of Commercial Vehicles That Have Been Produced in Each Country


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In the year 2015, an estimated 22,241,067 commercial vehicles were produced around the world. According to a International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers data, of this huge number, the United States of America produced 7,936,416 commercial vehicles, making it the largest producer in the year 2015. Incidentally China, which was the largest producer of cars in 2015, was at the second spot in terms of the production of commercial vehicles. As per the data, China produced 3,423,899 commercial vehicles, which is half the number produced by the United States.

Apart from China, four other Asian nations made it to the top ten countries producing the highest number of commercial vehicles. These included Japan (1,447,516 commercial vehicles produced), Thailand (1,143,170 commercial vehicles produced), India (747,681 commercial vehicles produced) and South Korea (420,849 commercial vehicles produced). US’ neighbors Canada and Mexico, too, made it to the top ten. While Canada produced 1,394,909 commercial vehicles in 2015, the number in Mexico was 1,597,415. Spain was the only European country to make it among the top ten list, producing 514,221 commercial vehicles in 2015.

Germany, which is a huge car producer producing 5,707,938 cars in 2015, did not fare that well in terms of the production of commercial vehicles. As per the statistics, the country produced just 325,226 commercial vehicles in 2015. The United Kingdom, too, witnessed low numbers of 94,479 in the same year.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the list were the countries of Romania and Finland, which witnessed just 6 and 53 commercial vehicles being produced in 2015.

The table below will give an idea about the number of commercial vehicles produced in these countries in the year 2015.

Country Commercial vehicles (2015)
United States 7,936,416
China 3,423,899
Mexico 1,597,415
Japan 1,447,516
Canada 1,394,909
Thailand 1,143,170
India 747,681
Turkey 567,769
Spain 514,221
Korea, Rep. 420,849
France 416,200
Brazil 410,509
Italy 351,084
Germany 325,226
South Africa 274,633
Indonesia 274,335
Argentina 224,927
Russian Federation 169,550
Poland 125,903
Iran, Islamic Rep. 97,471
United Kingdom 94,479
Malaysia 56,347
Taiwan 52,667
Portugal 41,158
Belgium 40,168
Egypt, Arab Rep. 24,000
Austria 16,500
Australia 13,137
Czech Republic 5,367
Hungary 3,650
Ukraine 2,590
Netherlands 2,252
Serbia 1,230
Finland 53
Romania 6

Data sourced from OICA

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