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Working long hours can be tiring. After all, who wants to spend extra hours in office when they can use the time chilling out in pubs, partying with friends or having a lovely family dinner. But, the next time your boss asks you to spend a few extra hours in office, do not fret. Rather, take respite by looking at this daunting map which gives a fairly good idea about the countries which have the longest working hours.

According to the OECD data, Mexico is the most workaholic country in the world. In 2015, the average working hours per person in the North American nation is a staggering 2246.4 hours. Not be left behind is Costa Rica. Coming at the second spot, the Central American nation closely follows the hard working Mexico. In Costa Rica, the average working hours per person in 2015 were 2230.1.

The Koreans have carved an unshakable reputation in the world because of their advances in technology and the production of high-quality electronic gadgets. So, it was no surprise that Korea found a mention in the list. Korea occupies the third spot and here the average working hours per person are 2113. The European nation of Greece is the fourth most workaholic country in the world, where a person spent an average of 2042 working hours in front of his workstation in 2015. In the South American nation of Chile the average working hours were 1987.5, while in the Russian Federation it was 1987. In Poland, Latvia, Iceland and Portugal recorded average working hours per person were 1963, 1903, 1879.5 and 1868 hours respectively.

The United States, which is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, was sure to find a spot in the list with the longest working hours. Here the average working hours per person were 1790. Other nations mentioned on the list are Lithuania, Israel, Estonia, Turkey, Ireland, Czech Republic and New Zealand.

Data sourced from OECD.

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