Guyana Independence Day

Guyana Independence Day is a significant public holiday in Guyana. It is celebrated on May 26 every year. May 26 is the day when the country attained its independence in 1966 when the British Dominion over Guyana ended.

Guyana Independence Day Celebrations

Guyana Independence Day is observed across the country. The Independence Day is an occasion, which is observed with all the revelries and colors. All the residents of the country assemble to watch the festivities and have a good time. Mashramani is another popular yearly event, which is observed on February 23. Mashramani has something unique for all the inhabitants of the country with a number of exciting activities that delight people of all age groups.

Sovereign Guyana's first constitution came into existence on the day of freedom itself, May 26, 1966. It endorsed the opinion that Guyana was a self-governing country established on a particular statute of law. At present, the people of the country observe the Independence Day in their homeland and nations across the world, including Canada, which houses thousands of inhabitants of Guyanese descent. The yearly celebrations start with the Guyana Awards Gala in the third week of May and then the Guyana Heritage Celebrations. The observations end with the Independence Festival in the second to last weekend in June.

The Guyana Heritage Celebrations were previously known as the Cross Canada Celebrations. The Guyana Consulate started the event as a means of bringing associations and smaller Guyanese-Canadian societies to take part in the yearly independence festivities, irrespective of their place of residence in Canada.

Every year, scores of programs are organized across Canada to commemorate this important occasion. These cultural events are encouraged and organized by the Office of the Consulate General.

Celebrations in Canada

In Canada, the observation of Guyana's Freedom is a month-long event across five districts in the country. Thousands of Guyanese and Canadians take part in the festivities in a really amazing manner. Guyanese-Canadians team up in a cheerful fete of their legacy and at the same time, contribute to the opulence of multi-traditionalism in Canada.

Guyana Independence Festival in Toronto
This carnival marks the end of the festivities of the country's independence in Toronto. It is coordinated by an international board under the sponsorship and guidance of the Consulate General's Office of Guyana. The Board, an apolitical organization of around 40 societies, organizes the yearly event with the assistance of 200 other charitable organizations.

The theme of the event is "A Taste of Guyana", which rightly encapsulates the events of the carnival, offering supporters a chance to watch Guyanese tradition, heritage, and food.

The Independence Festival was started in 1995 and since then it has been successful in building friendship and unity among Guyanese people from all tiers of the society and from all territories of the country. Of late, the carnival has drawn participants from the United States, United Kingdom, Guyana and the Caribbean. With a yearly turnout of about 10,000, the carnival has garnered the merit of being the biggest yearly congregation of Guyanese people away from the country.


Independence Day is celebrated on May 26 every year in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, commemorating the date in 1966 when it achieved independence from Britain.

The European voyagers discovered Guyana in 1498. As a result, the history of the country dates back to over 500 years. The history of the nation is interrupted by combats wrestled and triumphed, properties lost and recovered since the French, Spanish, Dutch and British settlers battled for hundreds of years to occupy this territory. The British Empire ultimately was able to take control of the country in 1814. Guyana achieved its independence from the British rulers on May 26, 1966.

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