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Thule Map

Thule in northwest side of Greenland is famous for the Air Base situated there. The Thule Air Base was established by the Government of USA in 1951. It is the northernmost base of the United States Air Force. The Thule Air Base was built as a refueling station for long distance bombers.

The Air Base at Thule is situated on the broad, flat floor of a glacial valley which slopes gently towards the east-southeast until its meeting point with the Great Land Glacier, a large ice cap. Thule Air Base is between two mountain ridges,the North and the South Mountains.

Thule remains covered with ice for most of the year. In summer ships from other countries visit Thule to supply the essentials required for the whole year. It cannot be accessed by the sea-route throughout winter. Six months day and Six months night is a feature of Thule, as it is near the Arctic Circle. The Ballistic Missile Early Warning System was build at Thule at a distance of 12miles from the main base. One of the most prominent projects of Thule Air Base was Camp Century. A complete city was carved into the ice cap. The building of a nuclear power plant solved the power crisis at Thule.

The nearest Eskimo village is Qaanaaq, almost 65miles from Thule Air Base. The frost cover makes any growth of vegetation impossible in winter,but in summer colorful flowers blossom in Thule. Small animals like the Arctic fox, hares and birds can be seen in Thule during summer.

Thule Air Base in recent times consists of 12th Space Warning Squadron, Detachment 3, 22nd Space Operations Squadron and others. The number of people living in Thule is also less compared to previous times. Tourist have to take official permission to visit Thule Air Base.

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