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Kangerlussuaq Map

Kangerluaauaq in Greenland is a tourist destination that attracts many visitors. The name Kangerlussuaq means the Big or the Great Fjord. It is famous for its international Airport, the only one in western Greenland. Kangerlussuaq is also the gateway to inland ice.

Kangerlussuaq was uninhabited till 1941, though it was used as a hunting and fishing ground in summer by the Inuits or Eskimos living nearby. An US Air Base was set up in Kangerlussuaq during World War II under the code name 'Blue West 8'. It developed as an airport in 1992 and now it is the busiest airport in Greenland.

Kangerlussuaq is favored by tourists for its abundance of wildlife. Animals like muskoxen, reindeer, hares, arctic foxes and birds like falcons, eagles, ravens can be witnessed during the trips in Kangerlussuaq.

Summer in Kangerlussuaq is the time to take a boat ride through the ice fjord or go hiking in the mountains covered with colorful flowers and plants. The weather in summer is nice and warm and it is the season for enjoying the natural beauties of the place. Fishing in the lakes and rivers is also another favorite pastime for tourists.

Kangerlussuaq has a severe winter with very low temperatures. However the season has its own charms. It is the time to view the dazzling Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis in Greenland. Winter is also the time to go snow scooting and cross country skiing.

The inland ice of Greenland from Kangerlussuaq by road is only 25km away. The scientific research projects like the Greenland Ice Core Project are accessed from Kangerlussuaq.

The Kangerlussuaq Tourism A/S offers visitors with important information regarding accommodation, bookings, tours, and other necessities. Their Address is: P.O. Box 49
DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq
Tel: +299 841 098
Fax: +299 841 498

The Address of the Airport in Kangerlussuaq is: Kangerlussuaq Airport
P.O. Box 1006
DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq
Tel.: 299 11300

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